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Who Wore It Better


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You guys probably never heard of that. I'm not a huge People magazine fan, but they have a picture of 2 different stars in the same outfit and people will vote on who wore it the best.

Imagine my shock when my Husband received a new Ford pamphlet today and the Mustang picture was taken in front of the same building where I had taken a pic of my car. In fact, that pic is my screensaver on my computer and my iPad. I guess I'm not the only person that thought it was a cool building.

Now.....who wore it better?!?!?



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Whoa tough choice, funny picture time was about same time of day judging from shadow on cars...well the winner is Mustang....love that color.

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In all honesty, they did some photoshopping. Look how we are both backed up to the curb, but how much closer to the building the Mustang looks. You can't get any closer to the building. Also, that is a public welcome center. I'm at an angle like that because people were parked on the side and walking up the walkway.

I think they photographed the building, then the car and positioned the image of the car onto the image of the building. My pic was taken with an iPhone. :-)

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