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D2R Headlights Don't Fit My 2002 Is300

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All the D2R lights I see have round black bases but the low beams in my car have a silver base with two prongs and a grey wire attached to each. So I can't connect them. I did not see any way to remove the base from the old bulb. Do some IS300s use a different bulb? The old one looks more like halogen. How can I find the right bulb?

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I just checked my spare bulb, i only installed one of a pair, and yes its black round base with silver contacts. with no wire. I don't remember exactly how this fits, but it does. you remove the bulb from the grey holder. I suggest you do a search on YouTube or Google to see how its done.

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I took the bulb back out and went by the part number on that. It turned out to need a halogen bulb, a 12V55 OSRAM 64210XV. So I searched for that part number and that bulb fit fine. Even though every part store and every web site I had checked said it required a high intensity H2D bulb, apparently some IS300s use regular halogen bulbs.

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