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  1. Fellow Lexus Owners, Has anyone wanted to improve the High Beam Headlights on a 2013 GS450H?? I know the High Beams get activated by a small mirror being moved by a solenoid, diverting the available HID Light toward the side beveled reflector. For me, its just doesn't seem like enough of that light is getting projected out to the surrounding area. I have even considered changing the headlight assemblies to the LED Version that was an option back then. Then I saw the cost .....Picked myself off the floor, and said.....O/K, what is plan B, C, or D. Any Ideas???.
  2. An Update: I have installed HID's in the High Beams. I installed a relay in-between the original High Beam wires. The relay will only pull in on 12 Volts. The Toyota/Lexus Daytime Running Light Circuit is a pulsed DC , which I isolate with my relay. I have installed 2 LED Packages, one on each side, next to the Fog Lights.The air Instake/Cowling area works good for these. I used 2 White Warning Lights made by Whelen.
  3. Thanks, I will look for that module.I would also appreciate any additional ideas. The Lexus/Toyota DRL system seems to be a Pulsed 12v output, energizing the Filament of the High Beams just long enough to keep them warm, but not full intensity.I can see why many people ahead of me have had difficulty changing out the High Beams for HID's.
  4. Does anyone know if the 2010 GS350 has a 12volt / Igition On / Engine running/ circuit available under the hood, to use for new Daytime running lights??. I replaced my High Beams with HID's, and want to add LED daytime running Lights. I want to drive a 12volt relay, on when the Iginition /Engine is on.
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