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  1. I took the bulb back out and went by the part number on that. It turned out to need a halogen bulb, a 12V55 OSRAM 64210XV. So I searched for that part number and that bulb fit fine. Even though every part store and every web site I had checked said it required a high intensity H2D bulb, apparently some IS300s use regular halogen bulbs.
  2. All the D2R lights I see have round black bases but the low beams in my car have a silver base with two prongs and a grey wire attached to each. So I can't connect them. I did not see any way to remove the base from the old bulb. Do some IS300s use a different bulb? The old one looks more like halogen. How can I find the right bulb?
  3. I bought new d2r headlights for my 2002 is300 but when I took out the old one it has two wires connected to two prongs on the back of the old light. There are no prongs on the new lights. These are the correct lights. Why is the connection wrong?

  4. I bought D2R HID bulbs to replace a burned out low beam bulb. But when I got the old one out it has two silver prongs with wires connected to each. The new bulb has a round black base with nowhere to connect the existing wires. But where ever I look all the replacement bulbs look like this. Do some IS300s use a different type of bulb?
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