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Replacing Climate Control Back Lighting On 2005 Es 330

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I have a 2005 LEXUS ES 330. I have the climate control removed as its pretty easy to do! , and i wanted to see why the back lighting was NOT working. WHat i discoved is that 4 of the 5 little green lights are all burned out. THey are the twist base incadesent lamps..

ALl i want to do is to know is what is the Part number or ID nunber and ....WHERE TO ORDER the little base twist in lamps so i can have the back light work again. THey are NOT LED 's that i see posted for replacment here in several times ,,, i just want the OEM green lights!

can anyone help direct me as to what webiste sells them and correct part number?? I need all 5 of them !

THe climate contrl part # is stamped
TOYOTA 55900-33A00

BUt i dont think that is necessary

I called Lexus dealer, but they dont have part numbers for electric components IN Thier cars ... only whole parts ... ( like that makes any sense@!)

thank you for helping me in my request!


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A previous thread that might help is http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/topic/68293-interior-hvac-bulbs/

There are a number of other threads about replacing bulbs which you might find by doing a search.

If you want to be able to use the same type bulbs you have now and they have little green covers - I call them "bulb condoms" - you may need to transfer the covers to the new bulbs. Or just buy LED bulbs in the color(s) you want.

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Been there, done that, but on an older ES or Subaru (too long ago to remember exactly). Anyway, I found long pigtailed 12 volt bulbs of the same size at Radio Shack. The pigtails are about 2 inches long, in a two bulb bubble pack for about $3.00?

Thin green condoms were on the original bulbs that I carefully twisted off to reuse. Then with an ice pick tool (or similar) I unwound the pigtails from around and through the holes in the original bulb plastic sockets, and removed the old bulbs from their plastic twist base.

From there its an easy fix to insert the new bulb's pigtails through the plastic base, pull the bulb into place and wind the pigtails around the contours of the plastic base and cut off the excess pigtail. Then install the green condoms. Easy fix ... and pretty cheap.

When one of these bulbs goes, since they are all in parallel, the increased juice when one burns out tends to burn the others in the same circuit pretty quickly. So if there are any old ones still working, it might be best to replace them while you have everything still apart. Good Luck!

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