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  1. Have a ES330 , that i need to replace the Body control module or Drivers junction block .. . I need to remove the bolster on the drivers side and the dash components im assuming ... is there a link that describes how to do this on this forum..or somewhere else??
  2. Hello Lexus Fans! I have a very unusual problem .& i dont know what to do. Have a 2005 ES 330 , & I am told by my mechanic that the "Body Conrol Module or "Drivers Junction BLock" (lexus part name) has gone bad. (also called a BODY ECU) Appraently , this is the FUSE BLOCK thats behind the bolster by the drivers left knee. It has a ECU built into the back of the fuse block . Its function is to control all the electric items in the car... like diming the back lighting of the A/C controls , and the Radio conrols.. all the lightng of the switches on the dash, ... thats what is not working ..... When i turn on the headlights, all the back lighting goes OUT!! this is visible in the LCD displays of both the radio and climate control. It appears that the switches are not back light at all ... even when the headlighs are off... i cant tell during the day. I replaced several of the burned out little bulbs that twist off the circut board on the climate control circuit board , and replaced the gear shift light as well. Anyway , does anyone know where these "Drivers junction blocks," or" Body Control Module" (lexus part name ) can be fixed or maybe a source of used ones are?? Im not kidding , they are $1000 from the lexus dealer.. ( a fuse block !!) with the comuter inside it !! .......... what is happening to our cars..???? what i need to know is , has this ever happened to anybody else, where can i send this to get fixed or is there a sourse of used ones.. that i can be directed to that handle this electronic fuse blocks! thank you !
  3. I have a 2005 LEXUS ES 330. I have the climate control removed as its pretty easy to do! , and i wanted to see why the back lighting was NOT working. WHat i discoved is that 4 of the 5 little green lights are all burned out. THey are the twist base incadesent lamps.. ALl i want to do is to know is what is the Part number or ID nunber and ....WHERE TO ORDER the little base twist in lamps so i can have the back light work again. THey are NOT LED 's that i see posted for replacment here in several times ,,, i just want the OEM green lights! can anyone help direct me as to what webiste sells them and correct part number?? I need all 5 of them ! THe climate contrl part # is stamped TOYOTA 55900-33A00 146579-3221 BUt i dont think that is necessary I called Lexus dealer, but they dont have part numbers for electric components IN Thier cars ... only whole parts ... ( like that makes any sense@!) thank you for helping me in my request! Kevin