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Has anyone had problems with their Oil Level warning indicator indicating a level problem, but the oil level is fine? After about 5 minutes the Oil Level Warning symbol comes on and stays on. The next time I start the car, after 5 minutes it comes back on.

I have an 93 ES300, with 300Km's on the original engine. The oil pressure sensor does not come on, so I am pretty sure that I do not have low oil pressure. Its been doing this for about a year, progressively getting more frequent. The replacement cost of this sensor is over $500 Cdn ! THe dealer suggests that he just disconnects the sensor so that I won't be bothered by the indicator. I did blow a engine gasket about a year ago, which caused the engine to overheat for a few minutes. The dealer says that engine can ping into the red temperature and stay there for quite awhile before the engine is cooked.

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first off what car do you have?second i had this happen to me before and it was a bad oil pump.if the level in the car is good but the light still keeps coming on it can be telling you that you have bad pressure and it could be a bad pump.or a bad sensor.i would have it checked out asap because if it is a bad pump and you keep driving it like that you will kill the motor.good luck

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I would go ahead and pull the oil level sensor off. It's located in the oil pan. Take it out and make sure it's not stuck. If it's working, I would do an oil pressure test. Just to be safe, go ahead pull the valve cover off to check for sludges. Good luck.


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