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Apparently you have one of those resistors that changes the IAT signal. My suggestion would be to get your money back or sell it to someone else, because if it does anything it will just make your engine run too rich and waste gas.

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:( okay you need to sell it back it does not work an dturns on the check engine lamp. I work for nissan dealership and installed myselt the z1 module you speak of.

I used snap on vantage scanner to get wiring diagram and prior to install took readings to see if it would even work. prior to install at full operatint temp intake air temp read 110 deg. with ambient "outside" air temp of 72 degrees.

installed sensor as per instrucs and used wire diagram for proper 2 wires out of the 5. car started ran fine but check engine lamp on after 3 runs of less than 5 minutes.

I then took after reading "note I cleared the intake air temp sensor code prior to retest" at full operating temp intake temp in scanner read 43 degrees out side air temp at 71 degrees. so yes the module tricks ecu that air going in is cooler but turns on the "cel" so what good is it? sell it not to mention the guy i bought it from will not respond and failed to respond at all even after I gave him the details I just posted to you guys.

take their other sug, add header, down pipe, o2 simulators to keep "cel" off and go with srt intake with ecu piggyback kit.

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