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Need Help W/ Basic Cleaning & Detailing

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Alright I've done a lot of research, but there are so many different things and products that everyone is using. I wanted to get a good idea and recommendation on what I should use.


What kind of wash?

What kind of wax?


Lexol or Leatherique?

What kind for the dash and plastic areas in the car?

Is Microfiber important when drying the car? I have the California water blade, which takes the water off, will this do damage to the car?

Thanks for the info and the help.

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Have you read the tutorials included on if not they contain a WEALT of information. I would also download the E-book off of Lexus Car Care, its very thorough and I believe its free right now.

A lot of the products that I personally would reccomend depend on the year and color of the car, what kind of shape its in, etc. How much time do you want to devote to washing, prepping the paint, and waxing? So I'll hold off on suggestions there until I hear back from you.

As for the interior, I use and love 1Z Cockpit Premium to clean and protect the interior components. It leaves a very matte OEM look. If you like a little more sheen you can try 303 Aerospace Protectant. For the leather, I reccomend 5:1 dillution of Woolite and Water in a spray bottle for cleaning. No need to condition really if the car is new, if the leather is neglected then Leatherique will really help to restore it.

As for the cali water blade, its very safe but you have to be very careful to keep it clean. Any dirt on it and it will scratch the hell out of the paint. When I dry I CWB then follow up with a waffle weave microfiber towel. You can buy those at Lexus Car Care or from

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I haven't read it yet, but after this I will read it.

My car is a 2000 GS. It is still in pretty good condition. The color is Millenium Silver. There is no fading outside or in. I can spend about 2-3 hours on cleaning, but I would like the "shine" to last for at least 3 weeks. Thank You very much for you help!!

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Silver is one of the easiest colors to care for. Any swirls or scratches of any kind?

I'd try something like Poorboys EX sealant over Poorboys Polish with Carnuaba on this car. Check out the Poorboys line at

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COLLINITE paste wax #s476 or liquid insulator wax #845

are very durable. I put two coats on over Christmas and car still looks great after all the weather and a couple/three washes I've gotten too. You only have to wax your car twice a year with this stuff - it's great!

VBDenny is avid user of this product - I'm sure he'll be along soon.

Like swo said, I bought my stuff from the LOC Care Center:

1z cockpit cleaner

303 Aerospace

1z glass cleaner

rubber/vinyl sponge applicator

I think all the products are great!


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Thanks for the help.

Here is what I just ordered.

Poorboys EX Sealent and Polish

303 Aerospace

Wool Washmit

Ultimate detailing towels

Sorring for being a newb, but I still have a couple of questions.

I couldn't find the product woolite for cleaning the leather?

What do I use to wash the car? Should I just use DAWN?

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You're there man!

Woolite is just the plain ol Woolite laundry detergent you buy at the grocery store. Just dillute it 5 parts Woolite to one part water in a spray bottle and you're good to go.

You don't want to use dawn to wash the car, aside from stripping off the wax extended use will dry out all the plastic and all the seals on the car. Actually I reccomend 1Z pearls shampoo, we sell it at Lexus Car Care and it gets great reviews.

Another couple things you're going to want:

A Claybar. I reccomend the Clay Magic claybar availiable from you want the blue one.

A Quick Detailer spray. This is useful for quick cleanups and extends washing. Just go to Autozone or something and buy a bottle of Meguiars Quik Detailer, it works fine. You can dillute it 50/50 with water if you want.

You also need something to CLEAN the interior plastics, dashboard etc. I reccomend the 1Z Cockpit Premium. The 303 will protect it, but it won't clean it.

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Yeah Agent 99.

I just talked to my brother about ordering another case of #486. I hate to get low.

With any wax/sealant product it is extremely important to make your your paint is spotlessly clean, and polished, prior to putting on any Collinite (or other). If you seal in a bug, that bug will become part of your car.

The reason I am an avid Collinite user is because I have cleaned, waxed and cared for cars for many years and I have tried about everything. Nothing gives you that just waxed look for so long. I did my mothers car almost a year ago and it still looks like I just waxed it (after I washed off all the Syracuse salt from the winter).

Someone left a post about where to buy it by the bottle. You only need one bottle for many cars for years.

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