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Need To Know About The Sc300 & Sc400

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I am looking to purchase either a sc300 or sc400 here in about 3-6 weeks. I really need some input on which one to get. I have searched alot of these forums and am still left wondering what to do. I eventually plan on boosting which ever one i get. Is the 300 better equipped for a turbo? and on a slightly differnt subject i really want one with a manual tranny. Now i know these are d*mn near impossible to find does anyone know anyone who is selling one?? I really dont want to leave the world of a manual transmision. But i am willing to make some sacrifices if i have to. Thanks

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I am a the same place, getting ready to purchase. Is there a certan model year I should or shouldn't start looking at? I am always hesitant to ook at the 1st 2 model years of any vehicle, to let the manufacutrer work out the 'bugs'.

Any thoughts?


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We have discussed this lots of times. Not to get on it but check out the search or hit the faq, a few pages back even.

I bought 2 5 speed SC's in two years, two years ago. <_< What I mean is. It's not that hard to find one. Autotrader is your friend. Think advanced search, no distance limit, airplane ticket and car freight. ;) Our buy sell forum has em. There are others too. I know of like 7 at least right now. They are getting older though.

If you still can't find anything, let us know. We'll set ya straight.

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