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  1. OK, price down to $6950. Really want to sell this car. Miles are now at 146K Email me at or call (916) 337-0990. Thanks!
  2. Time to sell the wife's LS 400 1995 Lexus LS 400. Two Tone Gold with Tan Leather Interior. Excellent Condition inside and out. 4.0 Litre V-8 with lots of power and great gas mileage too. (16 city, 24 highway.) Options incude: auto dual zone climate control, PS, PB, PW, PL, Telescoping wheel, CC, AM/FM Stereo cassette and 6 disc CD changer, Integrated factory cell phone, Dual front airbags, anti-lock brakes, Leather interior, Dual front power seats, Moon roof/sunroof, tinted windows and Chrome Alloy Wheels. Car has been pampared and extremely well maintained. It has 143K miles on it and it
  3. I have all the electric motors out of a 92 SC 400 bucket seat (Except for the heating stuff) for sale. I took all the motors out as spares when I got rid of the "beat up" seat. $50 + shipping for everything. email me at if interested. Thanks. Located in Northern CA.
  4. NEW PRICE: $6800 B/O, will also consider a trade for an early GS300 in similar condition and in the same range of value. Thanks
  5. I have to unfortuenatly sell my beloved SC400. Just doesn't work well with 2 kids and I have replaced the car with an LS400. Anyway, Here are the details: 1992 SC 400, dark blue with tan leather interior. Excellent running condition. Almost 142K miles and all the maintenance has been done including the timing belt replacement at about 120K. I bought the car from the original owner who had a brother-in-law that was a service manager at a Toyota dealership. All the service was done by that dealership in the Bay Area until she moved up here to Saramento. At that point the service was tak
  6. Ok, its time..........The car will be going up for sale in the next week or so after some detailing. If anyone here is interested or if you know of anyone who is, email me at Thanks
  7. I'll be putting my 92 SC 400 with 142K miles up for sale in the next week or so. :cries: I'm figuring $7000 for it.
  8. How difficult is this to replace? Looks like the door panel would need to come off and the whole assembly replaced. (This is an assumption after looking at a Toyota prodcut) Any help, guidance, input would be very much appreciated. :cries:
  9. Thanks, That's kind of what I figured. If anyone is interested in the car, shoot me an email at I'm in Norhtern CA
  10. Well trying to maintian and insure the SC and the LS has gotten a little out of hand, so unfortunately the SC400 is going to have to go. Really don't know how to price it.......Its a 92 SC400 with 141K on it. Runs great and has had all the maintenance including the timing belt done. I even have some of the records still. Car is loaded with every available option for 92. It is dark blue with a tan interior. Body and paint are good to excellent. Leather interior is showing some typical sun related wear. What is this thing worth? $7000? more? less? I'm in Norhtern CA.
  11. The passenger side interior door handle on my 92 SC400 snapped off the other day. Where can I look to find one?
  12. I suspect that there is some air in my system as the brake pedal is pretty soft. Brakes work great but the pedal seems soft and goes a little to low for my taste. Of course I'm comparing it to my SC400 which may not be a good thing to do. The previous owner had the master cylinder replaced about two or three months before I bought the car. However, it was done by a Pontiac dealer????? :whistles: :o (I guess the service manager was a friend of his) So I was wondering if they screwed up.
  13. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Is there any special procedure in bleeding the brakes on a 95 LS400? Anything unusual that I need to be aware of before I attempt it? Thanks
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