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Subwoffer Enclosure For 90-94 Ls400


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The only problem that you would have with that is that right under that deck sits your gas tank so there is really no room for that. The only solution would be to have a custom box molded directly in front of the gas tank to fit the shape of your trunk and curve a port to that hole. In the same topic you would have a hard time calculating the volume and length necessary to produce the correct resonance for that port.

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Yes, the 90-94 LS have the gas tank behind the rear seat. That is one reason I want to try and make a sub box that is ported into the cab as to not have so much vibration from the subs close to the tank. Also with this type of box I would not have any rattling in the trunk area.

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does having subs just in the trunk do anythign to the gas tank? i kinda have the same problem as leo and im not sure if im reading it correctly

That said, I would never buy a car that I felt was ugly. I would hate walking to the car everyday and saying to myself how ugly my car is. Find a car that you like both inside and out. I think you will be happier in the long run.
is leo asking if a sub would fit in the trunk and work fine? cus thats the problem i have i want to get 2 W3's and im not sure that the my LS can handle that
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