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1994 Ls400 Broken Into


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Forgive me in advance if this has already been discussed, but I could not find anything in the search.

My 1994 LS400 recently got broke into while traveling to Louisville, KY for work. The driver side window was smashed in and my GPS was stolen while I was asleep in my Hotel. After driving around for a week in 90 degree temperatures I was able to find a replacement driver-side window. I am wondering if anyone has any documentation on how to disassemble the door panel and replace the glass.. Any advice or tutorials would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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After you get the door panel off, you're going to want to plug the window switch in (by its self) so you can operate the window motor. You're going to want to lower (or raise) the window motor till you can see the two bolts that hold the glass in through the little access holes (likely about 2" in diameter). You'll need to take those two bolts out, and pull whats left of the old window out. Vacuum any broken glass out of the bottom of the door/window motor/tracks and spray the tracks down with some WD40 to lube them up good. Slide the window in through the top at a slight angle, then "twist" it back straight. Make sure the glass is correctly in the side tracks (the rubber/felt parts that the outside of the window rides on) and slide the glass down into the motor, lining up the holes with the holes on the motor. Install the bolts again, and test the operation of the glass for proper up/down movement. Make sure it doesn't get bound up on anything. If all is well, remove the switch, and put everything back together.

Enjoy saving yourself ~$100 in labor :)

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