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  1. Did you stay in a rough area? Muhammad Ali Blvd is a dangerous street.
  2. Please take a lot of pics and get us a how-to write-up if you do it. The AC compressor in a 96 LS should be Denso 10PA20C. thanks
  3. I did some research on LS400 AC clutch. All you need may be a in-vehicle replacement of bearing of clutch pulley, costs $20 Hear is the link to the bearing http://www.vxb.com/page/bearings/PROD/Kit12376 Here is the the in-car removal of the pulley for a different car http://bernardembden.com/xjs/comclutch/index.htm Here is the removal of the pulley from a denso compressor (the same as that in LS400) http://forums.rennlist.com/rennforums/928-forum/424999-nippondenso-10pa20c-compressor-rebuild-pics.html Another denso bearing removal http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrB3pMVD4Cg
  4. If you rotated it CW by "x" degrees, you should be able to rotate it CCW by "x" degrees and get it back close to where it needs to be. With this piece of information in mind and other suggestions from forum members, I DID put the belt back and each timing mark matched with their partner. Thanks
  5. Lexus should have manual to deal with this situation.
  6. If you rotated it CW by "x" degrees, you should be able to rotate it CCW by "x" degrees and get it back close to where it needs to be. The crank is at TDC+50 to give you the most clearance between valve and pistons. IOW, its a bit of wiggle room while putting on the new belt and to keep from damaging the valves if(more likely when) the cam snap-rolls due to spring pressure. How far, in degrees, do you estimate that you accidentally rotated the cam? You do realize that the cam will snap-roll? You may only be fighting the spring pressure to return it to original position, which is fine. Take a look at this thread. Should be close -> http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=61372&st=0&p=394040&hl=how_to&fromsearch=1entry394040 I put the crankshaft back, and confirmed that the Crank pulley was indeed at TDC+50 position.
  7. I turned the cam clockwise by accident. Per Landar's method I tried to pushed it back but could not go all the back to original position. I think the easiest way for me is to realign all of the three marks of the belt to the marks at engine, respectively. The Crank is currently at TDC+50 degree. My goal is: Crank at 0, and the cam marks on the timing belt align with marks on the engine. I don't know I should turn each pulley clockwise or counterclock wise. Could anyone have experiences please give me a writeup of the procedure (as detail as possible). or is there a shop manual on how to do that? Thanks
  8. 1996 LS400. I am replacing the timing belt. I place the crank pulley 50 degree pass TDC. I turn the left cam by accident when the belt is off. How can I get the left cam timing back? Thanks
  9. Which website did you use to search for preowned inventory of dealers all over the country? This information would be very helpful since I am in the market for an LS430, and keep my LS400 as a winter car. Thanks
  10. In 4 1. Oop, I thought I was at the slickdeal dot com.
  11. It would be very helpful to other members if you could take some step by step pics while replacing the egr tube.
  12. So, the number 1 and number 2 pipes have the same number?
  13. never heard of a EGG pipe, if you mean a EGR, the dealer is the only place I have found them, never wanted a used one.... I replaced them on both of my 97's awhile back.... I now have 99's my 97's looked like this: (movie is for size comparison) Hi, Mr. Powell, Are those two gaskets of EGR pipe the same? Can you confirm part number of each of the two? Thanks.