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  1. Did you ever find out what was wrong?? How did you fix it?
  2. I started the car this morning and slowly drove it to the mechanic and I noticed that whatever speed I drove (did not drive it past 25mph), if I took my foot off the pedal the car would just keep going at the same speed until I applied the brakes.....just like when using the cruise control. The car is already 22 years olds so I figured there could be a possibility that the cruise control module under the driver's side panel is defective and/or perhaps the cruise control mechanism that controls the throttle when the cruise control is engaged is rusted out or somehow getting stuck. I mentioned it to my friend (mechanic) and he mentioned that over the weekend he had work on a car that had the same problem as mine and it was in fact their cruise control malfunctioning. He said he would check the car out today and let me know what he finds...I will keep you guys updated too.
  3. Hello my friends....Let me first start by saying that my 90 LS400 is the best car I ever had and although I have changed a couple of parts here and there...I was never in the position where I would not feel safe in the car until yesterday. There may be 2 problems not sure if they are related or not. Yesterday morning I put gas in my car (I live in NJ so the gas attendant puts the gas in) a couple of minutes after driving while at a light the car stalled...I tried to restart and it sounded like it was not getting enough gas (I had ran out of gas before in other cars and that's how my lex sounded) after a couple of minutes it started and everything seemed normal until it did it 2 more times later in the day, one of the times while I was driving a bit slow but had not stopped, it stalled and I was able to pull over and park this time it did not start until 30mins later...could the gas attendant putting the wrong fuel cause this problem? (I usually make sure to tell the attendant to put premium fuel in but yesterday I don't think I did)....I had only put 1/2 a tank of gas at the station so I drove to a differ gas station and filled tank up and made sure it was premium still gave me the "not enough gas" 2 more times the same day. The car had stalled in the past but it was due to a bad MAF sensor before I had replaced the MAF I had replaced the fuel pump so I don't think it's a fuel pump problem. Anyway, this brings me to my second problem, last night I drove about 20 miles to drop my daughter off at her mother's and everything seemed fine, however, on the way back when I took the ramp to merge in the one of the states' highways I pressed gas pedal and after I hit 60mph I took my foot of the gas but the car continued to increase speed without me pressing the accelerator....needless to say I tried to press on the brakes as hard as I could but the car only seemed to slow down a bit but not stop, that's when I pulled over to the shoulder, put the car in Neutral which made the engine surge all the way to 5000+ rpms...I immediately pulled the key of the ignition...I checked to make suret the floor mat was not pushing the gas pedal and it was not. Then, I waited a couple of minutes, tried to start the car and the engine surged again as if someone was pressing the gas pedal. I turned the car off had it sit for a while (about 20mins) and the car started just fine. Then I was was very careful observing my speed and everything was back to normal...but since it was late at night on the highway and there was no traffic I decided to increase my speed slowly to see if the car would speed up by itself again and as I hit the 60mph mark I felt it start to surge and pick up speed on it's on (my foot was no longer on the accelerator) I pulled over right away...did same procedure as before, at start up engine surged again, pulled key out, waited...turned car back on and drove home as slowly and carefully as I could. In the past I had had issues with the idle going up and down by itself but it was usually in the very low rpm and the problem was solved when I cleaned and replaced the bearing in the idle air control valve. So, knowing that it is not the IACV not the MAF sensor....any ideas what could possibly be? Anyone with a first gen. LS400 had this problem? I started the car up this morning, pressed the gas to see if the engine would surge on it's on but everything seem fine. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thank you! Oh...also I forgot to mentioned that I had cleaned the throtle body about 1 yr ago so I know it's in good shape and also checked the cable coming from the accelerator to make sure it was not getting stuck anywhere it seem to be in proper working order.
  4. I have used aftermarket control arms in the past n they still work very well....i got them on ebay.
  5. Sorry to hear what happened.....Here's the link for the tutorial on removing the front door panel.
  6. Yes! It can be done from under the car...just put the front end on jack stands n u will have enough room to work with. Im far from being a mechanic n even I was able to do it.....definately a DIY job in my opinion...I have 90 LS400
  7. It is called....AIR CONTROL VALVE (ACV)....not to be confused with the IDDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE (IACV) which is mounted in the top/front part of the engine. Anyway, this AIR CONTROL VALVE (ACV) is the one bolted to the PS Pump and has the 2 small hoses connected to little nipples. If you follow the next link you will be able to read about a way you can take the ACV out and just plug the hole...(YES, this will eliminate the 2 small hoses, you can plug the hoses or just remove them and plug the nipples on top/middle of the engine and on the black air intake tube....where the hoses where connected). I removed these hoses and have not notice any difference on the way the power steering behaves and neither have many other members whom also removed the ACV. (SCROLL DOWN AND READ THE PART THAT SAYS; "Removal of ACV valve, and Plugging such valve with the ACV itself") I HOPE THIS HELPS!
  8. what brand and where did you get remote

  9. Yeah...tons of sellers on ebay have the clear bumper lights...I like the mods man...but perhaps it would like a little better if you try to integrate some of red to the center console or maybe even the head rests. Keep up the good job!
  10. Check out this link: That is a post I made a while ago......after that posting I bought a MAF adapter and Cone Filter at Autozone and now it looks and sounds pretty good and I'm happy with the performance. I will be posting new pics of the finished project later this week.
  11. Go to this website; check the part number you need and then (on the same site) change car to newer years and check those part numbers....if the part numbers are the same for lets say 91, 92, 93 and 94...then you know they are interchangable. Hope this helps.
  12. Honestly, I am not sure as to what kind of CAI [Cold Air Induction] mod I'm going to do because I did not think about doing one until a I finished the intake tubing mod. There are a few options I have seen for DIY mods and short ram intakes....taking out the front cover of the air filter housing and keeping the stock filter..using a K&N filter instead of the stock filter (without front filter housing)...cuting holes in the front of the air filter housing to allow more air in...and removing the filter housing and using a adapter to install one of those cone shaped filters. Here are some pics of what I found..and their respective websites with more info. I think I will try using the adapter and the aftermarket filter and building some kind of heat shield...although, I did see an INJEN HEAT SHIELD on ebay but I don't think I wanna pay $60 when it does not even include the filter. Anyhow, for anyone interested here's a picture and the link:
  13. Well, yes...the noise reduction part was what I first thought of when I saw the resonator but I was not aware of any potential power lost. I did some quick research (funny enough when I googled ls400 Helmholtz resonator...this was the first link they showed)anyways, what I read made sense. Basically, air is pulled in from outside then pushed into the resonator which will incrase the pressure of this air before it exits the resonator and gets sucked into the throtle body "When air is forced into a cavity, the pressure inside increases. When the external force pushing the air into the cavity is removed, the higher-pressure air inside will flow out." therefore, giving more the low to medium range. Sounds reasonable, however, as you mentioned, I have not experienced enough power lost to notice...hopefully, if I did lose any power it will be compensated by the cold-air-intake mod coming up. We shall see!