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Signal/parking Light Issues


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I just picked up a 90 LS400 last night, when I got it, the signals weren't working, it was missing the fuse, and the front passenger bulb. The front drivers bulb was un-plugged. I replaced the bulbs, and the fuse, and everything was great (so I thought).

I decided to check all the other lights to make sure everything worked. All but the passenger reverse light work (even tried a new bulb) but thats not my concern right now. When I turned on the fogs (I think this is what triggered this *BLEEP* storm) the parking light stopped working. I couldn't figure it out. I found a fuse box cover on eBay to copy the diagram off of, is this the correct diagram I need?


Now, if I turn the parking lights on, nothing happens. If I turn the signals on, nothing happens. If I turn the parking lights on, AND the RIGHT (ONLY the right) signal on, the parking lights come on (but not the signal). The hazards work as well, regardless of what lights are on.

The only fuse that affects the lights is the 15A fuse listed as ECU-B in that diagram. Can someone please help me? I need to get this tank back on the road, i'm moving 1,500 miles across the country in 2 weeks.

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The cover you show looks correct,fuse 10 is the turn signal fuse rated at 7.5A and fuse 13 the tail lights,parking lights,side marker lights and lincense plate light rated at 15A.

A common problem causing strange lighting faults is on the link below and may be worth checking

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The only thing that seems to make sense is the stalk may be broken :/

It's possible but I doubt it. The cause could be a number of things including corrosion. A competent automotive electrician who has the appropriate diagnostic instructions "should" be able to figure this out quickly.

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Thanks for the assistance guys, in case anyone was curious (or this comes up again) it was my light stalk (the arm that controls the headlights, fog lights, turn signals, etc.)

I picked one up at a local scrap yard for $40 and it fixed the issue :)

Note: Replacing this part is no easy task, I wouldn't recommend it to the faint of heart, nor to someone without access to many tools and lots of time.

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Thank you for coming back and letting us know,I thought it was only French cars that had that problem!

Sure thing! :)

I think my car may be an exception to a lot of rules in time to come... It seems to have pretty badly neglected by prior owners :(

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