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Difference Between 90-2 And 93-4

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Hi AlmightyLexus!! :)

I've always liked the original LS best of all - as far as 'looks' are concerned. I like the wide tail lights and how the fog lights are obviously separate from the headlights. I especially like the 1993 version. [and '94 - too - I suppose!!] It still LOOKS like the original - but has a few significant improvements.

Here is a list of what was improved and/or changed for model year 1993. [compared to previous models] There may be more 'stuff' - but this much I know.

New and improved [or just 'changed'] for 1993

- bigger wheels and tires [225-60/VR-16]

- bigger disc brakes

- passenger side airbag

- odometre and trip metre now digital and within gauge cluster

- CFC- free air conditioning

- Air conditioning cabin filter added

- 8-way power passenger seat [instead of 4-way]

- automatic headlights [i think]

- and several other interior and exterior 'improvements' [so I've read - but don't know what they are - other than a more streamlined front grill]

I hope that helps!!

Craig!! :)

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Could someone tell me the differences between the 90-2 and the 93-4 years of the cars?

Are you thinking about the Made-date?

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If your thinking about purchasing a 1st gen LS400 go with the '93 or '94. As noted a number of upgrades were done to the '93 LS400. On top of this I have read that they are rated as some of the most reliable years for the LS400. You will be getting a lot of bang for the buck if you find one in nice shape with current maintenance. Four Door.

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I have a 91 that I got from a dentist in IL. Has a few minor issues with electronics. But it runs so quite I can't hear it running and has room for all my demo equipment. I got it sinstead of a van or a SUV. Seems the first couple years of any new car are the best. I always think of my RX_7's and they where as good as they where going to get in 79.


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