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Sc300 5sp Question


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just got back from test driving a 94 sc300 5sp. There are 3 things im concerned about:

1. the owner said that i have to kick the clutch in hard in order to start the car, just pressing it down all the way wont work.

2. i had trouble getting it into reverse. owner says i have to push the stick to the right then down, although i do know how to drive a stick. i just found that this particular one is tricky putting into reverse.

3. the shifting is too soft. Maybe its just me, im use to the feel of an integra R.

110k miles. salvaged because of an accident. Driver side door was replaced. No dents.

Engine runs very smooth. $7500

are these issues normal?

is it worth it?

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1) Did you actually try pushing it in slow and starting the car and it didn't work? or did you just listen to what he said and kicked the clutch?

2) By "unable to get it in" do you mean that it was just taking a bit too much force for your taste? If this is the case, the trick I learned from my trusty mechanic is, while still applying pressure into the right/down direction, let the clutch out just a little bit. It should then slip right in.

3) That's the difference between a shifter and a !Removed!: the softer the shift, the better. (Yes I said !Removed!)

Sounds like a decent deal.

Ask if the waterpump, timing belt, etc have been replaced.

If not, tell him they should have been and offer $6500

Make sure you plan on keeping this car for a while because you might have trouble reselling it for a decent price (because of the salvage title)

Otherwise it sounds like a decent deal to me.

Good luck.

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yes i did try to start it like any other manual car: press and hold clutch, then turn ignition. this sc300 would only start after i give it a good kick hold it in. Could it be that clutch cylinder needs to be replaced?

even though its salvaged it looks mint from the outside. the interior is ok, just some guage lights that need replacing. If i do buy this car i plan to stick with it in the long run

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take it to a Lexus dealer or a good lexus/toyota shop. You shouldn't have to kick the clutch in. It means something is seriously wrong with it, and it may need to be worked on.

As for the shifter, you should only need to drop it into neutral, move left and right, and then shift it into Reverse. If that doesn't happen, you're probably going to need a new shifter.

Please no more Sextual commentaries. that was nasty.

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For the clutch kick, the sensor that tells you that the clutch has been pushed in is probably worn out or something (hence, the driver(s) probably pushes the clutch in a "spirited" manner).

For the shifter getting into reverse, the reverse isn't syncronized so that may be the reason why it won't go in reverse. That happens to me many times. The owner's manual said that if you can't get the shifter into reverse, put the shifter back in neutral, release the clutch, push clutch back in and shift into reverse. It won't take any more than 5 tries.

Tip: When the owner isn't looking, try the method I prescribed above and if it works the shifter is good. Then when you're deciding to buy the car, say that it's hard to get it into reverse and you can save a buck or two.

By the way, try going over a speed bump in neutral at about 5mph, then try shifting into 1st. If it is very hard to get into first, the syncronizers in 1st are worn out.

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thanks for the input.

How much would a new clutch position sensor cost?

is replacing it an easy do-it-yourself job?

It's a switch. There are two of them. One at the fully disengaged position and one at the fully engaged position. One disengages cruise control if it is not made. The other has to be made in order for the car to start. Both could be bypassed, but if you retain cruise control, you do not want to by-pass that one. The starter by-pass can be done with a paperclip seated fully into the connector for the switch. Now make sure you are not in gear when you start the car or else you will go for a short, jerky ride. Or if you want to keep the switch, just find where it is and physically adjust the location of it or pedal travel. This will alleviate the clutch pedal start thing.

The Lexus manual shifter is not notchy like an integra.

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