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Brake Squeal

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I have 2008 Lexus GS 350 AWD, Brakes squeal high pitch sound. Dealer is putting shims in as a fix under warranty.

Why dont they replace the calipers containing pistons if under warranty ?

This a bandaid and not a fix in my opinion, they should re-design brake calipers to ensure this doesn't happen

lexus has a problem with brake noise.

My vechile was purchased New from dealer and has experienced this from day one

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Lexus has them correct the problem in the cheapest manner possible. Why would they want to spend a hundred dollars, if they can get you out the door for ten, even though the fix may return in the future. You just may give up on going back or sell the car before it happens again. It is a business, first and foremost, and profit is the name of the game.

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It's doubtful that replacing calipers or pistons solves this issue (unless you upgrade to high performance aftermarket brakes). There's a TSB for shims and 'dusty' pads.

If you experience it again in time, bite the bullet and consider aftermarket shims (titanium ones) and perhaps other pads too. I've seen very good results with them re. uncurable noisy brakes. Shouldn't be too hard on your wallet and saves some sanity and trips to the dealer too.

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Because replacing the calipers will not solve the problem.

Brake squeal is noise and noise is create by excessive vibration. Many times it is the vibration of the brake pad against the rotor. Most times the noise can be reduced if not eliminated with the addition of correct fitting shims AND a simple brake pad anti-noise substance like brake quiet (the blue stuff).

Another cause of brake squeal is the material the brake pad is made of. Semi-metallic pads have minute metal particles in the pad itself. These will set up a harmonic resonance when the pad is pressed against the rotor and thus adding to the brake squeal. Most people avoid the semi-metallic pads in favor of organic or ceramic material. The off-set is the latter pads cost more.


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