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  1. On the GS350 once you have a destination established, hit the destination button again and a black bar will appear at top of screen with white lettering stating "Delete Destination" Y/N. Select Yes and you are out of guidance mode. Maybe it works the same way on the IS350.
  2. Lexus has them correct the problem in the cheapest manner possible. Why would they want to spend a hundred dollars, if they can get you out the door for ten, even though the fix may return in the future. You just may give up on going back or sell the car before it happens again. It is a business, first and foremost, and profit is the name of the game.
  3. Unfortunately on used cars it is usually "Caveat Emptor" (buyer beware). You had the option to take it to a trusted mechanic in your area and have it checked out. If the dealer would not allow that, then you definitely do not want to buy from him. You also could have paid a small fee for the Carfax or better yet demand that the dealer provide you with a Carfax Report. They do not catch everything, but if it goes through an insurance company or Lexus dealer for that type of repair it should be in the report. Nothing is perfect. In some states dealers are responsible only if the car they sold you had known safety defects that they did not disclose. If your intent is to trade, try another dealer and they may not give it a thorough check. I have never had a car checked by a dealer on a trade, other than a test drive and kick the tires type of inspectiion. I traded my last car and had a price and deal on the new one with thirty minutes with the salesperson, and they did not test drive it. Just checked the mileage, tires, and sheet metal. I do not haggle....I state what I am willilng to pay and what I want for my old car and give them about 5 minutes to say yes, or if not I walk. Has worked pretty good luck over the years. You sort of take them out of their game and they have to decide on the spot or they lose a sale. They know how cheap they can let the new car go for and I shoot for that price right away by doing my homework before I go there.
  4. When I lived in the Central Valley of California where it gets very hot, my wife's car had a similiar problem. I tried everything to get them out and couldn't. I went to an auto body/detail shop and they tried and could not get them out either. Their so called conclusion was that the spot/stain had dropped through the paint, and therefore, it would not come out. I lived with it for another 18 months until we traded the car. I know this does not solve your problem, but thought it might give some insight into your situation.
  5. The 18, 19 inch tires and higher are usually a low profile tire and they are made from a softer rubber to grip the road surface and wear faster. But your driving habits dictate your mileage more than anything. My wife used to have a SC 400 with the low profile tires and at times she barely made 10,000, because she was an aggressive driver.
  6. Had the same question and asked the Service Manager at SHEEHY Lexus in Annapolis, and he said the book is incorrect and also incorrect in a few other places. States you must pull/push trunk lid until it contacts the latch (metal on metal ) and then it will close and lock it the rest of the way.
  7. If the RX is like my GS you cannot lock the car with the smartkey in the car. Not sure how it knows, but that is what the manual states.
  8. Maybe he misquoted and meant to say it had the platinum warranty, which is usually 7 years/100,000 miles, in which case it will soon expire as to years.
  9. Some models of the LS take more oil than other models, so that could be one factor. The other is naturally that the more expensive the car generally the flat rate charges are higher. You cannot get an LS serviced for the price of a Avalon, which is basically what the ES series is all about.
  10. Above post is about right. Follow initial instructions, push learning button once and within 20 or 30 seconds you do the remote while in the car and it will work fine if your unit is rolling, which has been around for a number of years. I have had 5 Toyota products with the home link and they all work fine. A lot of people have problems, because they over think it and try to make it more complicated than it really is.
  11. It is on the GS350, but I do not know about the IS models. Would think they are the same system.
  12. Legally, they would not be liable, and I think the original warranty on the battery is probably only 3 years. So you would get no replacement from the battery manufacturer. Things happen and you just have to deal with it. For the most part batteries do not give any warning. Just one day you go to start it and it will not work. If one of your tires blew out while it was sitting at their shop would you expect them to buy you new tires.
  13. Add what you already have invested in the car, plus their total for financing, etc, and you get the real cost of the car, which will seem rather pricey. Why GAP insurance? That is only if something happens to the car and what you owe is more than the insurance company will pay you. That turns out to be darned expensive insurance. Also, who is underwriting the warranty they are trying to sell you. I do not believe Lexus would be the warrantor on a car that would take it up to 11 years old, or 107,000 plus miles. I personally do not believe in leases, but you would be better off leasing a new car and not shell out $3600 plus for an extended warranty. The new car would give you 4 years and 50,000, with no additional costs.
  14. I read recently that "Iphones" will not do this automatically with the Lexus system. They must be entered manually.
  15. Just use voice recognition to make a call while driving! If you know who is in your phonebook you just say call mobil, cell, or home of individual and the system will make the call for you. You do not have to punch in any phone numbers. This is of course only works when you set the numbers via speed dial.