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  1. I have 2008 Lexus GS 350 AWD, Brakes squeal high pitch sound. Dealer is putting shims in as a fix under warranty. Why dont they replace the calipers containing pistons if under warranty ? This a bandaid and not a fix in my opinion, they should re-design brake calipers to ensure this doesn't happen lexus has a problem with brake noise. My vechile was purchased New from dealer and has experienced this from day one
  2. Reading up on it this weekend, Ill post what they say im intitled to in terms of what they will support for tire maintenance. but i can say never again will i opt for any tire package from dealership. your point well taken Well read it, and it is in writing, they will cover new tire as long as it is pre-authorized by dealer its 3rd party tire and Maintainence plan Lexus sells The only problem is the service advisors at my dealership doesn't understand their involvement or tire plans sold by their sales groups. they should have preautorized. working this issue though someone will
  3. Reading up on it this weekend, Ill post what they say im intitled to in terms of what they will support for tire maintenance. but i can say never again will i opt for any tire package from dealership. your point well taken
  4. Anytime you can get 40000 miles out of those runflats, you are doing good. Some owners replace them as soon as 20000 miles. The side wall on the Primacy is pretty stiff, almost as stiff as the Good Year Eagle one all season. I should have mentioned that the 50K on the runflat had to do with rotation at dealership every oil change or around 5000 miles. so yeah guess i did things right from the rotation perspective.
  5. I spent a decent sum of money on the tire replacement program based on information provided by sales group on the purchse of my 08 Lexus GS 350 AWD. I was told if i had a blow out or any tire problem they would fix or replace the tire at no cost. Having Runflats were expensive to replace. Well they did not honor any of the statements made to me during the initial sale at the Lexus dealership. Just wondering if anyone else had the same experience as I.
  6. 5 times!! damn. I commute to NYC for work. I've had the bubble issue once..but that's bc I was driving on a cobblestone street and loaded mad heads into the backseat. I have a 2008 GS350 AWD, I had 50,000 miles. My runflats became noisy 2 months, As of today the left rear Driver side tire inside blewout and the inside seams looked as if they were coming apart. The TPMS indicator came on and i was able to drive it a little way. As i am writing this, i had am having the dealer replace them with NON-Runflats / Michelin MXV4 225 50 V 17's. $220/per tire plus addition cost for aligniment a
  7. 2008 Lexus GS 350 AWD, Question #1 - Looking for replacement recommendations for original equipment Dunlap run flat Not necessary to replace with Run flat recommendations. Would like to have aggresive handling and performance in all type weather. Question #2 - Does anyone know if all 2008 GS 350 AWD versions have TPMS/tires ? Is it a consideration in replacement tires ?
  8. I have a question. Does 20" rims on 2008 Lexus GS 350 AWD sacifice ride and performance to the stock rims. Im thinking that the Lexus ride will be lost.
  9. Your vehicle should perform at its best when the appropriate level of octane is being used for the engine in which it is being combusted. There is no benefit to using gasoline of a higher octane than the engine requires to perform knock-free. I would go with manufacturer recommendations at the octane level indentified, and based on the performace of your vehicle engine, make adjustments in octane rating from there. 91, 92,93 ,94. Informational What do different octanes mean? Different types of gasoline are rated on their ability to resist knocking. The actual octane number is a measurem
  10. I just purchase a 2008 GS 350 AWD. I do have a few Laser jammers on both of my other auto's. I think you would be fine with the diode based dual transponders for your LS460. I never used the Laser Intercepter, I have and used the Escort Shifter ZR3 ( all (3) modules up front ) this has worked well for me. on the other car i have a blinder M20 which does a great job as well ( both are LED based). The Diode based jammer does well from my research, helps to prevent what they call punch through. Im looking at the Laser Pro Park for my GS 350 shortly. High priced but have seen good test
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