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A friend of mine has some 18" chrome rims and some tires on his tricked out Ford Ranger. He's not using them again till the summer so he said if they fitted my car I could use them until then (when I get my 19"s B). So thats why I was wondering the Lug type/size whatever. I'm lost for words right now and I can't remember what it's called. So any information would be greatly appreciated to I can start sportin the hot rims as soon as possible. Sorry I have poorly described the type of information that I need :blushing:

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5 Lugs X 114.3 Millimeters

If you take 114.3 / 25.4 (Inches in Millimeters) you get 4.5 Inches.

If this is the same pattern, go for it, but I guess your Lexus will be riding high as the profile (Height of the Tire) is substantially greater than a Lexus.


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