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Front Blinker Light


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When I flip the blinker to take a left it begins blinking very rapidly and does not go slow like my normal right blinker. I've determined from questions I've asked that the blinker will be going out soon and that the rapid blinking is a key indicator. Is this true? Next question: How can I gain access to the blinker to change it with the amber bulbs I bought at Autozone. Keep in mind this is the blink on the driver's side. I popped the hood but there seems to be a fuse box in the way and then the huge battery does not leave me any room and it seems like I have to remove both the fuse box and the battery to even begin to change the blinker. Has anyone changed it before or could anyone tell me how to gain access to it so I do not have to take it to a mechanic.

Thanks you so much.

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You don't tell us what year you have, so that will have something to do with the search problems you are having on getting an answer. If your car is a 97 to 01, and if you follow the outline given in the thread entitled "Rapid Turn Signal Problem Solution" found on page 7 of this forum, you will have your answer. And I know it works since I have had to do this to wife's car about every 6 months for the last 4 years.

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