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Lx470 Key Snapped (messing With Lady At Lexus)


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I have a 2003 LX470, and friday night I was on the way to a friends house when i got into the car. I realized the key was cracked and didnt think much of it. I started the car and took off. I pulled over at a gas station to get something to drink. As i was trying to start the car to leave the gas stationg, the plastic key housing snapped.

its about 8:20pm so i call lexus, and tell the lady what happened, she says "Sorry but our parts and servis department isnt open till monday so you will have to call back monday during business hours our stop by monday morning" This lady was being dead serious, with out the key, i cant start the car to get home. I'm starting to just get to the point of screw this and start walking. I told the lady at lexus "Ma'am i dont mean to worry you but im in the middle of a back road with no cities around for 2 hours. i have been driving and driving looking for a house or gas station or something. You are really going to leave me?" she responds with "Catch a ride to the nearest town and call for help"

*I called her from my cell phone, i guess that didnt phase her*

well we got a spare key and got home, but both of my keys are cracked. How much should i pay for a new one, Lexus wants $70 for new plastic housing. This seems rediculous since they seem like they would cost $5 to make.

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I'm not quite sure what you would want the Lexus dealer to do for you...

She should've gone and picked him up. I think that is what he's implying... Man this guy is awesome... DAMN you LEXUS DAMN you, you call this customer service... RX_LS_IS you should call back and do the customer satisfaction survey or something...

I think she also should've asked if you were hungry at the time, and brought you a sandwich...

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