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More Hp/speed

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I know about the SRT Intake and I'll willing to invest about $500 right now into the car's performance if I will be able to feel some sort of gains from it before being forced to use forced induction. I read through some threads and came to the conclusion that a muffler system will not provide any gains if i'm not going turbo. So now I'm asking you fellas if there is anything else I can do, along side an SRT Intake that is within $500, give or take $200 to have my inline 6 as quick as it can be.

The main reason for this too is because I want to race a BMW 330i 6speed and I want to be able to do some damage. What are your thoughts?

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cduluk, I wish I could of gone with a 430 BUT at the time given with the situation I was in, I couldn't wait longer to search for a 430 that was of a decent condition and mileage here in NY. I landed with a sports edition, black with black trim and a ML package with navi and the chromed rims with the stock hids etc etc lol. And I was happy with the price I was able to work it down to and I also like the inline 6.

GS300dude, your advice sounded like it came right out of a fast and furious movie lol. If I could of gone with the 400 or 430 I would. I do have plans of turning my little I6 baby into a supercharged monster that blows the doors off of most imports that I have running around here in NewYork, but until then, I'm looking for as much modifications as possible to squeeze all the quickness I can out of my princess.

Is there anything out there that will do this for me? L-tuned parts? Pixie dust?

Additional: I just did a quick search and stumbled across something on Club Lexus as well as http://l-tunedparts.com. I will need some knowledge on this as well for emissions BUT wouldn't adding a better B and Y pipe increase my HP because of less restriction of my exhaust flow. I think thats the most I can do to get all the HP and TQ out of my car before I start reducing weight like a madman.

If the answer is yes to the above question, my second question is, will I be able to pass emissions with this modication? The things I do for speed :rolleyes: Thanks Guys

Scratch the question about HP..lol of course it will add some hp...but on to emissions... I take it I will probably be losing my first 2 CC if I add headers, but will I be losing an CC when I add the B & Y pipe? And how does a light weight crank pulley sound? Any recommendations on one that is tested to work for a N/A set up? I'm adding a rocket on the roof for extra HP at a push of the "RED" button. Sorry for all the edits

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No not really.....because while you fiddle with headers and intake and any of the other bolt on stuff, and waste your money chasing a few hp, some !Removed! in a box-stock GS400 will blow you into the weeds without even thinking you are trying to race....

You have a GS300. Be happy, drive it, and forget about more hp.

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I locked myself in a cave and thought about it for 10 days an Sir SRK, your right. A Lexus is a lexus an mean't to be driven as a luxary car.. hmm. Now I have moved on into getting a toy car to fullfill my speed pleasures ;)

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