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Good Repair Shop In St Louis?


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I take it you don't want to engage the Plaza or Dave L???? lexus dealers?

Is your alternator shot due to wear or does it have the "dreaded Power Steering Leaking = dripping into alt." syndrome.

I've got a good place in KC if you make it over here.....


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B) I heard about a shop here in O'Fallon , MO called ( Hill top Garage)

I heard good things about them. I think that is where I would bring my LS if I ever need anything done to it... As you said it is too cold here. Most of the times I do everything by myself. Oh yeah, My one is an LS400 1990 135K miles B)

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I used to work at Plaza Lexus,...Audi,...Porsche,....

I've got 11 years of dealer mechanic experience.

My 91 LS400 just turned over the big 200 mark yesterday.

My Mom's 90LS400 has about 212k on it.

Congrats, Big Frank. Welcome to the high mileage club :lol:

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I haven't seen many more posts on this. Does any one have current info on good independent Lexus/Toyota places to take cars in for service in the St. louis area?

I'm getting a 1995 LS 400 and I don't want to go to Plaza Lexus or Mungenast if at all possible.

Especially for things like oil, transmission and routine maintenance.


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