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  1. I am selling a complete Nakamichi system . it is on ebay item # 2487528044 Oh , Nakamichi Head unit, aplifier,changer, mounting brakets and Changer Wire, if you car is not pre wired for a changer. Initial bid $350.00
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    Nackamichi 4 Sale

    check the rules and post again following them.
  3. B) I heard about a shop here in O'Fallon , MO called ( Hill top Garage) I heard good things about them. I think that is where I would bring my LS if I ever need anything done to it... As you said it is too cold here. Most of the times I do everything by myself. Oh yeah, My one is an LS400 1990 135K miles B)
  4. No offense , but If you can afford a LS430 2002 with 16K miles, I'm sure you can afford the required gas for it. I have a 1990, that only burns premium, I had a 1980 Honda accord that only burned premium gas. Please, it is a crime to burn anything less than premium in that machine. Engine oil? Synthetic off course. No Jiffy lube thank you, I rather craw under the car and do it myself. I would never ever trust my 1990 on a Jiffy place , Let along if I had a Killer 2002 LS 430. BTW, Congratulations on your purchase, I'm sure you will keep it way longer than 8 years,
  5. :D I think well maintained the first generation Lexus will easilly reach Half Million Miles ... :D
  6. I have an Old one 1990 LS 400, I wish It had AWD
  7. I wonder why the calendar does not have any LS 400
  8. From the 1990/1991 LS 400 Repair manual, I got this procedures how to remove the cold start injector. My LS does not start too easy in the morning... here it is, I beleive one of the reasons why... Cold start injector might be faulty or needs cleaning... Sorry , could not attach the pictue I wanted... Will try again tomorrow :(
  9. I wonder if there is an easier way to clean de cold start injector....
  10. White smoke when start up could be a sign of Power Steering being sucked in to the intake due to a bad pressure valve by the power steering Pump ( back bottom ) I have the same slowness at early start up. have not yet replaced the wire set. I fix the smoke problem by fixing the valve
  11. Would be a lot easier if you remove the throtle body, as I did. it is only 4 bolts and you need to disconnect the acelerator cable. but there is no chance of droping any debris inside of the intake manifold. The other way described on the link above is dangerous. If you drop anything inside of the manifol, you will have to remove the entire intake manifold
  12. <_< When was the last time you tuned it up? Also it is a good Idea to clean the throtle body. I did mine and it was pretty gummed up. my 90 LS has 135K miles. If you have not yet tuned it up. It is time to get some Nippondenso Plugs, rotors, dist. caps, fuel filter, air filter , PCV valve.and wire set. I done all that inmy and runs like a champ.
  13. :( I beieve some of the lights in my A/C & Heater control unit are gone, where the buttons that show air that goes to the floor, the two far right ones are not lit at night,... 1990 LS 400. I wonder if I can replace them, where would I get the bulbs? Have anyone done this before? please let me known, thanks :( welgaby@msn.com
  14. I'm looking for a set of 16" Rims for My LS 400, 1990 I'm kind of broke, Was wondering if I could get a nice deal from you kind folks. Let me know. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase , thanks welgaby@msn.com
  15. :P My Lex has 135K miles, the alternator is dirty. If I remove it to build a shield around it, I will use aluminum instead of plastic. Also I will have the alternator rebuilt, Since I have it on my hands, with 135K miles, I might as well rebuilt it and avoid removing it again within few thousand miles, who knows when it would go bad… :P welgaby@msn.com
  16. When I said an internal fan, I meant to say the rotor. The internal rotor of an alternator is groved , it Produces air movement, same as a fan does. This will help cool the alternator. Here is a Picture of an alternator (Not Lexus) but it is just to set as an example. It has all the air passages. There are some other styles of alternators that use an external fan. See pictures below:
  17. :chairshot: Be careful if you use heavy oil. Eg (20W50) I would never use such oil in my Lexus. Unless I drove in the Sahara desert for extended periods of time. Heaviest I would recommend , would be 10W30. The engine oils have no relation to noise in the engine. Also, if your car is well maintained, the mileage should not mean anything. It could be the valves that need adjustment. Most of the times the noisy ones are from cylinders number 5 and 7. It is always a good Idea to have your valves checked anyway, regardless . Check the bolts on the exhaust manifold, if one of them is loose it could leak exhaust gases, thus causing the noise.:chairshot: welgaby@msn.com
  18. Excellent ! How hard was to remove the Alternator? Was there any Killer bolt that never seem to come out? I will probably do the same with my alternator, I have an LS 400 1990. I need to protect it, but also I want to make sure it still receives the proper ventilation, I do not want to cover it all and block the air flow. Remember , the alternator has some sort of internal fan that needs to breathe in order to cool the internal parts. Let me know how it went, I'm curious about it . Thanks welgaby@msn.com
  19. I agree with VBenny, It could be a fuel related issue, It looks like there was a misfired combustion, due to lake of fuel, or lack of sparks to ignite the mixture in the combustion chamber. I have a 1990 LS 400 with 135K miles. I removed the throttle body, opposed to clean it in place. It was super gummed up. It was so bad that I had to scrape it with a razor blade first, then I used a wire brush and brake cleaner to clean it an leave it 100% nice and clean. My engine runs like a champ. If I were you, I would check if there is any codes stored first, as The previous member advised, then I would do the Fuel filter and make sure you are not due to a tune up. Good luck, let us know how everything went. Happy New Year to all of you. welgaby@msn.com
  20. I think differently, when it comes to cars. Most people have their minds on (IF IT AIN’T BROKEN DON’T FIX IT) I completely disagree with that statement; my philosophy is (DON’T LET IT QUIT ON YOU WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST)Keeping that in mind, I never got stuck anywhere, not even a flat tire. I used to drive a Volkswagen rabbit diesel 1977, way back on the early 80’s and again I have never experienced a brake down in all of my cars. I know it could happen, but by keeping everything up well maintained, it sure does minimize the chances. My Lex is a 1990 with 135.000 miles. Timing belt was replaced at 90K and I will do it again if the car reaches 180K.
  21. I got a Gen I Ls 400 ( 1990 ). The timing Belt was done at 85.000 miles.According to the Manual The timing belt interval for normal conditions is 90.000 Miles
  22. Most likelly you are burnnig Power Steering Fluid. there are two lines that come from the back of the power steering pump and connect to the intake manifold, you can disconnect them and plug the intake niples and drive for few days, you will notice the smoke is gone. If so, the valve is bad and needs to be replaced. Keep an eye on the power steering fluid, you do not want to run dry... I had the same problem, I went ahead and did the test, and replaced the valve. Problem solved. I can send you a picture of the lines gong in to the throtle body. welgaby@msn.com
  23. :P It is an 8" Woofer, I pulled it out and replaced it. Sounds Awesome now
  24. I use the Orange one in my 1990 LS 400. As long it is safe for aluminum it will be OK. Remember the block and heads are made of aluminum... !!!WARNING !!! DO NOT MIX COLORS , ALWAYS FLUSH THE SYSTEM ENTIRELLY IF SWITCHING FROM RED TOYOTA TO ORANGE DEXCOOL !!!WARNING !!! welgaby@msn.com
  25. Better yet, get two gallons of cheap ATF at wall mart, remove the bottom plastic engine cover disconnect the hose from the transmission cooler and redirect it to a big container, as you pour cheap ATF in to the dipstck hole with the engine running . pour the entire two gallons. After ATF stops coming out of the hose shut it off and put everything back. Now fill her up with Toyota ATF Type IV. Done!