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  1. hey man my 93 ls started smoking and the ps pump it makes noise is leaking fuil

  2. I am selling a complete Nakamichi system . it is on ebay item # 2487528044 Oh , Nakamichi Head unit, aplifier,changer, mounting brakets and Changer Wire, if you car is not pre wired for a changer. Initial bid $350.00
  3. check the rules and post again following them.
  4. B) I heard about a shop here in O'Fallon , MO called ( Hill top Garage) I heard good things about them. I think that is where I would bring my LS if I ever need anything done to it... As you said it is too cold here. Most of the times I do everything by myself. Oh yeah, My one is an LS400 1990 135K miles B)
  5. No offense , but If you can afford a LS430 2002 with 16K miles, I'm sure you can afford the required gas for it. I have a 1990, that only burns premium, I had a 1980 Honda accord that only burned premium gas. Please, it is a crime to burn anything less than premium in that machine. Engine oil? Synthetic off course. No Jiffy lube thank you, I rather craw under the car and do it myself. I would never ever trust my 1990 on a Jiffy place , Let along if I had a Killer 2002 LS 430. BTW, Congratulations on your purchase, I'm sure you will keep it way longer than 8 years,
  6. :D I think well maintained the first generation Lexus will easilly reach Half Million Miles ... :D
  7. I have an Old one 1990 LS 400, I wish It had AWD
  8. I wonder why the calendar does not have any LS 400
  9. From the 1990/1991 LS 400 Repair manual, I got this procedures how to remove the cold start injector. My LS does not start too easy in the morning... here it is, I beleive one of the reasons why... Cold start injector might be faulty or needs cleaning... Sorry , could not attach the pictue I wanted... Will try again tomorrow :(
  10. I wonder if there is an easier way to clean de cold start injector....
  11. White smoke when start up could be a sign of Power Steering being sucked in to the intake due to a bad pressure valve by the power steering Pump ( back bottom ) I have the same slowness at early start up. have not yet replaced the wire set. I fix the smoke problem by fixing the valve
  12. Would be a lot easier if you remove the throtle body, as I did. it is only 4 bolts and you need to disconnect the acelerator cable. but there is no chance of droping any debris inside of the intake manifold. The other way described on the link above is dangerous. If you drop anything inside of the manifol, you will have to remove the entire intake manifold
  13. <_< When was the last time you tuned it up? Also it is a good Idea to clean the throtle body. I did mine and it was pretty gummed up. my 90 LS has 135K miles. If you have not yet tuned it up. It is time to get some Nippondenso Plugs, rotors, dist. caps, fuel filter, air filter , PCV valve.and wire set. I done all that inmy and runs like a champ.
  14. :( I beieve some of the lights in my A/C & Heater control unit are gone, where the buttons that show air that goes to the floor, the two far right ones are not lit at night,... 1990 LS 400. I wonder if I can replace them, where would I get the bulbs? Have anyone done this before? please let me known, thanks :(
  15. I'm looking for a set of 16" Rims for My LS 400, 1990 I'm kind of broke, Was wondering if I could get a nice deal from you kind folks. Let me know. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase , thanks
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