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Defeat 'beep' With Keyless Remote Locking?


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I have a 98 LS400 and I have finally grown exhausted of hearing the incessant 'beep' to lock and 'beep beep' to unlock. Is it possible to change this on my own or do I have to take it to Lexus for a lubeless anal probing? Would love it if there were something I could disconnect. My wifes Mercedes had the feature disabled so I have to believe Lexus has the same thing....or I hope.

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I don't know if the LS is like this but on my ES (I haven't checked to see if it's on the RX) there is a knob below the dash to the right of the steering column that you turn to adjust the volume of the beep, turning it all the way turns it off.

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Yep, way down under the dash under the steering wheel, near the pedals next to the foot light.

That's great news!

Is there any way you could be a bit more specific? Am I cutting a wire? Turning a knob? Disconnecting a fitting?


You should be pressing a two position button just to the left of the steering column on the underdash trim panel. When the button is in the "out" position, the beep is off. It's explained in your owners manual -- if you don't have one, register in the owners section of the Lexus website and you can view it online and order a hardcopy.

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