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Oil Filter Remove


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yea i agree.. i recently changed my oil filter and i had to reach in from the top...

the bad thing about changing your oil filter on the is300 is that oil leaks everywhere to the bottom.... is there anyway you can prevent oil from leaking down all over the engine parts n stuff ??

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you can try maybe a towel under it so it leakes onto that instead of the motor but i know what you mean.i had a mazda that loved to leak all over the engine when you changed the filter but used a towel and it solved the problem.

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take a large piece of plastic like a for sale sign and roll it up to funnel shape or buy a trans fill funnel long and slender, snake it down or up from bottom into position then quickly drop filter into full let oil drain onto filter and into funnel, funnel should b long enough to let you aim all oil off of components and into pan waiting at bottom, better yet place a 1 foot lengh of heater hose on end of funnel and that way it will flow all the way out of undercarriage no works great if done right.

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