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  1. welp 1UZ-FE it actually did happen about 2 months ago and if you were anywhere near SanJose on the 680 freeway it was probably the same ladder.
  2. well i was going about 85mph not that fast you know on the freeway and there happened to be a ladder in the middle of the left lane and i swerved to miss it but i turned too hard it being a split second decision you know swerv or run it over but yeah lost the rear end and she tried to get away from me so then i was skidding to the right then to the left and finally i hit the loose gravel between the pavement and the gaurdrail. with tires spinning went into the gaurdrail the whole left side is trashed i couldn't even open the door. the suspension is a lost cause, they estimated the damage to be
  3. hello all, just wanted to let everyone know I had the pleasure of wrecking my 01 IS300 not too long ago. It really sux I feel like my wife left me or something. I now have a scion XB. should I get a new IS300? am i the only one who like the body style of the 01? cause i don't like the newer ones sorry. I'll still be part of the club right :cries: even though i don't have an IS I plan on getting a new one :cries:
  4. i had a similar problem but only after running up on or checking a curb and now i have a problem with the front left (driver side) tire losing air or pressure every two days(upto 10psi lost). but i think the bead isn't set right or maybe the valve stem isn't set right.
  5. I had the same exact problem with my 2001 and it was no longer under warranty but took it in and i guess it's been a problem cause they asked no questions I made an appointment took it in again and they had it done in an hour they put a new one in. but it does get really hot in there so yeah be extra cautious with CD-R's It might have been a recall cause all the problems i've heard about have been with the 2001's
  6. I've been having the same problem but in my 2001 it only happens after 100mph but it is still annoying i heard somewhere it was a recall but have been procrastinating taking it in
  7. hello all, wonderin if anyone would know how much a new or slightly used GS430 engine and tranny goes for i'm lookin to swap the inline6 in my IS300 with the GS430 you know to have a custom IS430 like the project cars at the shows :D any info would be appreciated.
  8. i have a 2001 IS and was wondering the plastic underneath the car does it really need to be there or can i take it off because it's a hassle to take off and then put back on when workin on the underside Gr8JuliusCaesar
  9. I usually just reach in form the top driver side and take it out it's a pretty tight squeeze but it'll come out. just my 2 pennies.
  10. Ello there, I happen to have the falken-azenis on my IS and i love em i was told by a fellow club member that the tread life might suck if you do a lot of driving not a quote and i do about 2k-3k miles of driving a month and they're great before the falkens i had some dayton daytona ZR's and they were great also and both were less expensive and had better traction in rain in my opinion as compared to the bridgestone tires. I found the faulken tires for $99 a peice on just my two pennies have fun
  11. ;) spanx man didn't think to unbolt the big chunks of plastic but yeah took a step back and my 16 year old brother said what if we take that off i had undid the plastic around the wire but didn't know there was a plug under there thanx bunches man
  12. spanx for the advice i went with the falkens i tried to find some sumitomos but yeah couldn't i'm puttin em on tomorrow spanx again
  13. hello welp i have daytons on there now but need new ones and they cost an arm and a leg i'm thinkin bout going with the Kumho ecsta supra 712's or Falken azenis ST115's which are better cause both i can get for about $100 each and which are the best for around that price
  14. anybody know any good shops in the bay area (CA)
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