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How Do I Automatically Have The Car Unlock Doors When Turning Off 2001


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How do I Automatically have the car Unlock Doors when turning off 2001 LS430 ?

Does anyone know how to change this setting? Does it have to be done by a dealer?

Thanks in advance.

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I happened to post this information again earlier today in this thread: http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/index...c=61671&hl=

can the 1997 ls's be programed that way?

Most of the Lexus vehicles from 1998 and up has the feature, technical term is "CBES" or Computerized Body Electronic System. it allow Lexus owners to change certain settings, like lights sensitivity, headlight on-time, interior illumination, door lock, sunroof and wireless remote operations just to name a few.

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