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Towing With Gs 300/400

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All right don't everybody cring but has anyone put a hitch on their GS and towed a trailer? I know, I know, Lexus does not recommend towing on this vehicle; however, I have seen several hitches on the web that bolt right on for towing up to 2000 lb. I have a small boat and go a short distance. Since I have successfully towed an equivilent load on another unibody vehicle, I was wonder in if anyone has any experience to relate. Regards, The Giant...

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Towing with the GS, eh... I don't know what to tell you.. That's a question I never heard before.. Man, if it was me and the boat is small enough and the distance to travel isn't really that far.. I'd rather strap the trailer to me and tow it to the dock before I put a tow hitch on my GS... But to each their own, just try it and see what happens..

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I wouldn't LOL...

For one thing, since the car isn't rated for towing anything that ever happens to the motor, transmission whatever will void the warranty and be your problem.

I just wouldn't risk it...

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