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Lost Lug Nut Key


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I bought a 2002 ES300 about a year ago and just went to get new tires, and realized I did not have the lug nut key.....whats the easiest way to get a replacement?


There are 10 different paterns. Your local dealer should have them all to match up to your vehicle. If not, there is an index card in the owners manual portfolio with the information to order one directly from Mcgard. (thats the company that makes Toyota/Lexus wheel locks.)

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Several companies make sockets that remove wheel locks. Here is the version from Mac Tools:


You just drive your car to toyota (not necessay Lexus), they will help you to change another set of wheel lock, or you just change it into an ordinary one, so you do not need any nut key in the future. Mine was removed at a toyota dealer for 45 bucks.

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I normally use a 12 point deep well chrome socket metric and find one that almost fits and tap it on with a hammer and use an impact to remove it or a breaker bar or 1/2 ratchet if you dont have air. To remove the lug nut from the socket use a punch or screwdriver and tap it on the ground form the top side of the socket and it will come out.

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