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Abs Noise

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My car is Lexus GS430 2006

we have a noise heard from driver side in the front. start then stop on/off in the ABS system, sound appears first opened the car door and also if you switch off the car continues to operate in a clear sound for a ten or more times also when you driving the car you hear it and disappears if press on the brakes.

In the first,Dealer said is normal then recommended me to replace ABS Actuator and and SKID EUC and it's tooooo expensive more than US $2000.

please advise me

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A little late to the conversation here, but my 01 GS430 makes a pump noise every now and then too, especially when I apply the brakes for the first time. Sounds like the booster running. I just replaced the pads and rotors with oem, which pushed the caliper pistons back into the calipers "the old pads were toast". Thought this might help, but it didn't. Car stops on a dime though.

My 05 4runner makes a similiar noise too. It too stops on a dime.

I don't think it's a problem beyond an annoyance.

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Hmmmm....well I know that a lot of owners manuals say that each time you start the car, as soon as you drive above 10 or 20km/h the ABS and VDC will do a self test. This entails being able to hear the clicking sound of the ABS system for about 10 seconds and possibly a slight pulsating feeling through the brake pedal.

I've never actually been able to hear it myself, but it may be that some cars have nosier pumps that others, possibly replacing the pump would help if it was that.

I'd also read your owners manual cover to cover, you should find a mention of it in there somewhere.

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