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Took my 04 for its 1k checkup. While I was there I noticed that they had advertising for detail work. One of the items that caught my eye was claying. I asked for and talked to the detail manager (BTW I have clay magic but it has been to cold to do). I asked what they used and how much (clay magic/$37.50 + tax). He then asked what year car which I replied my 04 ES330. He said that all new cars are clayed at prep time, I said well you missed this one and went on to explain about the plastic baggie on the hand and feeling the grit underneath. He was well aware of this test and said no problem, next time you come in for service we will redo the entire car inside and out for free. This includes washing, claying, washing, polishing (by Hand), Waxing (by Hand) and making sure that the rims are also waxed. He was really irritated that one of his guys polished and waxed without claying the car first. I could not believe it, what a dealership. They are replacing a front passenger seat because it has a pin hole in the leather which almost takes a microscope to see.

The Detail manager and I spent about an hour discussing MF towels, different waxes, my PC which I have used on my sons truck (awesome), etc. Seems that he is even aware of Autopia. Bottom line, I heard nothing but good things about this dealership before I purchased from them and am now really happy that I picked them. :D :D :D

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This is really interesting. I'm not aware of very many dealers preping cars with clay before delivery. This speaks volumes for your dealer that they go to this level of prep on their new cars. I think all dealers should do it to remove transportation contamination before delivery to the customer. Most new cars a filthy by the time they get to the dealer.

Last weekend I needed to wax my gf's new car (a used VW Passat). The paint is in good shape, but it needed cleaning before I could wax. It was a cool day (57 degrees), and I was having a hard time with the clay being hard, so I tried something new. I filled my wash bucket with warm water and added a normal amount of car wash shampoo. I tossed the clay in the wash bucket for a minute and it was as easy as can be to mold. I simply used by wash mitt in one hand to lubricate and the clay in the other to clean. It worked great. I rinsed 2-3 times as I went, but I had the whole car clayed in about 10 minutes. It was fast.


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That dealer is definately a keeper, especially if they do the detail properly and don't introduce any marring...

The baggie test is to see if the paint needs to be clayed, Put a plastic sandwich bag over your hand and gently rub the surface, if you feel/hear imperfections it needs to be clayed.

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When you rub your bare hand over the paint the body feels really smooth. When you use a plastic baggie and go over the same area you will be amazed at how you feel the imperfections.

A properly clayed car will take all that grit and crap that is introduced from the time the car is painted till it gets to the dealership. Once clayed the baggie test will be just as smooth as if using your bare hands.

So far I am definitely happy with this dealer and another one that I use for my wifes car. They also go and have went the extra mile time and again. But then like a good dealer they want the repeat business.

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