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  1. Have the same problem with my wifes 2006, called service today and they said it was a known problem now. Getting it fixed next week when I take it in for its 5K mileage checkup.
  2. I would suggest that you go here for comparisons of various detectors http://www.radar-detectors.com/ Both my wife and I use a detector and just like other folks here say they are not fail proof. It really helps to know the terrain you are in. I go through multiple speed traps every day going to work. They constantly shift their locations but my detector does for the most part give me ample warning (as do cars in front of me). Just because I have a detector does not mean that I go way over the speed limit because I don't.
  3. My 04 330 is in the shop since yesterday. They are replacing a seat which had what looked to be a little pin hole in the seat cushion. Really hard to see and could barely feel it but they said no problem we will order you a new one which they did. The other thing that they are doing and why it is taking so long is they are claying the car (already posted about this) since they missed it previously. Found out that they use a detail shop to do their car detailing. The time to clay is not really time consuming but the washing, polishing and waxing take time. BTW they do this by hand no swirls.... Can't wait to get the car back today, have two baggies in the car for the grit test. One other thing they gave me a brand new RX330 as a loaner. This bad boy has everything on it, really sweet. I wanted this model for the wife to test drive which she did last night. She really liked it but still wants to check out the escalade pickups, go figure.
  4. iammikey, thank you. Looks like you switch your gasoline around (octane)? I have not used anything other than premium. Noticed on the latest issue of Consumer reports where they do a comparision of 4 upscale cars that the ES330 shows using regular gas. That must be a typo as I believe the manual suggests using premium.
  5. sw03es, did you top off the tank?
  6. iamikey, I would be interested in seeing your spread sheet if you would not mind posting it. amf1932, Interesting, when I fill up my tank the computer says that my range is approx 330 miles!! Anyone else have similar readings?
  7. If I have a gas tank that holds 18.5 gallons and I get approx between 22 and 23 mpg then it stands to reason that my crusing range should be in the neighborhood of between 407 and 423 miles. The low fuel light comes on at around 300 miles driven and the computer says that I can only drive around 330 miles? Does this mean there is roughly another 3 gallons of gas not accounted for by either the fuel warning light and the computer?
  8. David, what are the main differences between V2.0 and V3.01? There seems to be much more info in the V2 If I am not mistaken???
  9. VB When you rub your bare hand over the paint the body feels really smooth. When you use a plastic baggie and go over the same area you will be amazed at how you feel the imperfections. A properly clayed car will take all that grit and crap that is introduced from the time the car is painted till it gets to the dealership. Once clayed the baggie test will be just as smooth as if using your bare hands. So far I am definitely happy with this dealer and another one that I use for my wifes car. They also go and have went the extra mile time and again. But then like a good dealer they want the repeat business.
  10. Took my 04 for its 1k checkup. While I was there I noticed that they had advertising for detail work. One of the items that caught my eye was claying. I asked for and talked to the detail manager (BTW I have clay magic but it has been to cold to do). I asked what they used and how much (clay magic/$37.50 + tax). He then asked what year car which I replied my 04 ES330. He said that all new cars are clayed at prep time, I said well you missed this one and went on to explain about the plastic baggie on the hand and feeling the grit underneath. He was well aware of this test and said no problem, next time you come in for service we will redo the entire car inside and out for free. This includes washing, claying, washing, polishing (by Hand), Waxing (by Hand) and making sure that the rims are also waxed. He was really irritated that one of his guys polished and waxed without claying the car first. I could not believe it, what a dealership. They are replacing a front passenger seat because it has a pin hole in the leather which almost takes a microscope to see. The Detail manager and I spent about an hour discussing MF towels, different waxes, my PC which I have used on my sons truck (awesome), etc. Seems that he is even aware of Autopia. Bottom line, I heard nothing but good things about this dealership before I purchased from them and am now really happy that I picked them. :D :D :D
  11. Wifes 96 Camry V6XLE has 200K on it. No problems with anything (knock on wood) and am hoping to get another 100K or more. My new ES330 purchased about 3 weeks ago has around 100 miles on it at this point. Usually kept in the garage as I run a Honda for a daily driver.
  12. Are there any body differences in the two for the 03 vs 04 model? I am looking at buying a Front End Mask but looking aftermarket.
  13. SW03ES, I do know how to clay and have a new bar of Clay Magic ready to go. It justs frosts me somewhat that they did not heed my requests to not touch the exterior. I am going to play with them a little :whistles: Alan, you want to check out http://www.autopia.org for detailing. As SW03ES said the plastic bag test checks for contaminants. Even though the car looks good it can be a lot better with a little work. As far as the car itself it is the Millenium Silver, Gold Package, Nav system, Mark Levinson Audio, etc, etc, etc. The only thing it does not have is the adjustable pedals and AVS.
  14. Just Picked up my new 330 on Saturday. Initial impressions were quite positive except for one minor detail. The front passenger seat has a small rip in it!!! I am taking it back to the dealer tomorrow for them to look at. I also asked that they NOT do any type of prep work on the exterior as I wanted to do that myself. Of course they did anyway Now the car looks nice with no swirls as it was hand waxed but to my dismay when doing the plastic bag test it was horrible. When I talked to the salesguy on the phone today about the small rip in the seat I mentioned that the car needed to be clayed, etc. He said that is something they can do :) I will know more tomorrow.
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