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Transmission Drain Fill And Filter Replacement

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This weekend I'm going to do drain and refill my transmission fluid, and I'm going to drop the pan, clean it, and replace the transmission filter while I'm in there because I doubt it has ever been done on my '93 with 115kmi.

Other cars I've done this on, just drop the pan, and you can see the filter right there.

Some cars have a strainer--so you have to remove the pan, then remove the strainer, then you can get to the filter.

Which is the ES300 like? Should I plan on needing to remove a strainer?

Also, I was gonna put in Mobil 1 synthetic ATF; it is compatible with our trannys. Any advice on that either?

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In my 97, drop the pan and then you have to remove two bolt to remove filter(strainer) install new and put pan back and refill with DEX-III.

I just drain and refill every 15,000 and next 15,000 mechanic drop pan remove filter ,install new filter and refill.

Car has 349,000 and i am waiting to finish 400,000 by end of this year with the original transmission.

Hope that helps.

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