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Cel, Trac Off, Trac


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Morning everyone,

This morning I was trying to get on the interstate, and a truck was in my way. So, I pressed the power button and mashed the gas so I could hit the kick down switch. Instead of getting the passing power I got a CEL "trac off" and "trac" lit on my instrument cluster. I drove about 10 miles to work at 70-80mph with all 3 lights lit up. When I exited the interstate, the CEL and "trac off" light went off. The "trac" light stayed lit till I turned off my car. Anyone got a clue on what could be causing this? Also once the CEL comes on shouldn't it stay on till the matter is resolved?

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Try to re-create the problem tomorrow.

See if it does it again. Not sure if it's electrical, or a vacuum leak at this point.

Do the 'pull engine codes' thing and post them.

Put your model year in your avatar box so we know what issues to look for.

I tried again and it took about 4 tries to make it happen again.

There are no engine codes

I have a 1991 LS

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