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Supercharged Sc400

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ok, iv been hearing turbo this and turbo that for the sc300. i'v also been hearing a little supercharg this and that for the sc400. my 93sc400 seems to beg for power and puts it to use when i mash the gas. what do i need as far as exhaust systems, suspension tweaks to make my car not only compatable with a supercharger, but efficient as well. o yeah.....where can i get the supercharger :D ??

ps. i really appreciate the amout of info on this site, it has brought me not only closer to my car, but closer to the sound barrier as well :) .

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A supercharger kit will come with everything you need for direct replacement of parts and operation. Any other mods you add on your own are your own personal preference and the Supercharger kit will not require them. Exhaust and Intake are good when you have a supercharger to open up more power, but aren't required. Same goes with an Aftercooler. As for suspension, again that's just personal preference. Since you have a '93 I can garuntee that your shocks/springs are worn and not as effective as they were when they were brand new. Replacing them with OE parts will make a difference.

Most people that get into boosting do basic upgrades to all major components.

Rotor replacement for more stopping power, along with pads and lines (Power Slot/Stop, Any pad, Earls)

Higher flow intake system. (BFI, K&N, Injen, Jim Wolf)

Higher flow exhaust system, optionally with headers (Xerd, Blitz, GReddy, Borla, RMM, among others)

Spring and shock replacement with aftermarket performance models (Eibach, Tein, Tokico, Koni, H&R among others)

plug wire/spark plug/cap replacement (MSD, Nology, NGK, Bosch, many others)

fuel filter replacement and other basic tune up essentials (Bosch and other OEM replacements)

Sometimes a clutch if that's possible, with yours I would maybe do a tranny fluid change if it hasn't been done in awhile. And the same goes with your rear end. (Redline, Royal Purple, Mobil 1, Amsoil, BG, if they make an ATF)

Basically it's the little things here and there. Before you install the supercharger make sure and get a compression/leak down test done so you're positive that your engine has no problems before you install it. That is the biggest mistake you can make is installing a power adder on an engine that has problems to begin with.

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