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Future 430 Buyer Needs Advice Please!

Fat Tony

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I am thinking about purchasing a LS430 (2003 and up) and I need some advice please.

How reliable is a used 2003 & up LS430 with 30k/50k miles?

What do you look for? Any special thing to pay attention to? Anything to "watch out" for?

Please advise, thinking about purchasing soon.

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I had ask the same question to my service technician at a Lexus dealership, his reply was: 2004 or 2005 LS430, stated most of the problems for the 430s had been corrected since it came in 2001. The lowest price I saw for a used 2004 LS430 at the dealship was $25k with about 50-60K miles on it, and this was within the past couple of weeks. but don't quote me, I might have missed the milage reading. good luck and let us know if you purchase one.

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I bought an 05 LS430 for 29k at the dealership last month. It had 31k miles. Has navigation, park assist, the whole package! These are the most reliable cars out there. Nothing to really look out for. I like the 04's better. That is when they changed the body style a bit for the better. The only real thing to know is that the big service is around 90k miles and it costs about $1800 at the dealership!!!! I try to dump them before then. Good luck!

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As stated above, i would go with the 04-06 LS430's. Same "guts" as the 01-03 they just redesigned some details such as headlights, taillights etc to make it seem more modern. The LS is for the most part a trouble free car, besides as also mentioned above, the services.

The prices of the used 01-06 LS's are very low compared to the depreciation of other Lexus models. For some reason, most likely caused by next generations coming out, the LS and GS models are very cheap! Getting an 04 today for $25k when 4 years ago it was worth $60k, that's a deal.

My wife currently owns an 05 LS430 and we were thinking of trading it in, but honestly it's lost so much value we're opting to keep it a little longer. We had a new baby enter our lives recently, so we're trying to save...

For the money, the LS is an outstanding deal.

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