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  1. So is it a standard feature or only on SOME GSs?
  2. What year did Lexus start putting the vdim (Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management System) in the GS? Is it a standard feature?
  3. Great choice. I was at the Audi dealer with a friend this morning. He's looking at the A7. It's like comparing apples and oranges. I was in the service area getting coffee and talked to a current A6 owner. he said he was in for some electrical problem that they just couldn't resolve and his excuse was "you know that German engineering".....All I was thinking was how *BLEEP*ed I'd be if I was sitting at a dealership on Christmas Eve dealing with some recurring issue. That's what I mean when I say I don't know anything about other brands. All I think about when I hear German is reliability
  4. Yes, let's not forget reliability. It's amazing to me how some totally deny JD Powers and other reliability studies when their brands aren't listed as reliable. One of the joys of driving a car, to me, is not having to do much maintenance outside out of the scheduled stuff.
  5. I've driven the A6 and A7 and was very impressed with both the look AND the drive. The interiors are definitely bland but seem to be of great quality (especially compared to the Benz/BMW). Audi is my 2nd favorite car brand as well. I just don't know anything about them as far as dependability, maintenance, etc.
  6. What to expect? Years of a great ride and awesome reliability! Congrats on your purchase. You won't be disappointed.
  7. The 430 and the 400 were 2 different rides. The 400 has less get up and didn't have anywhere near the technology of the 430. That being said, there is just something about that 400 that I love. The body style is classic and it is still as sturdy as a tank. I think I got rid of the 400 too early and just wasn't truly ready for the transition. I had an independent mechanic do all of my rubber parts changes. I'm not going to do the paint repairs myself. I've been looking into auto restoration specialists in my area. You might want to check that out where you are.
  8. Greetings all. I haven't been on in a while. But the light finally went recently and thought I'd share. I sold my pristine 96 LS400 to my sister 2.5 years ago and bought a 2005 LS430 with all the bells and whistles. After owning that for 2 years and still kinda missing my 400, I traded it in for the "vehicle of my dreams," a black, fully loaded 2008 Range Rover. After driving that for the past 3 months, I realize what love really is LOL. I absolutely LOVED my LS, even without the nav, heated and cooled seats, etc. I now appreciate its basic beauty and simplicity. I had 130k miles on it
  9. I had the issue on my 05 LS430 but it was with aftermarket rims. He actually showed me the leak. Got the rim fixed (it had curb rash as well) for $130 and it's fine now.
  10. I'd have to agree. Service records are most important to me. Usually people that really care for their vehicle keep service records. I would take it to a independent Lexus shop for a good once over as well. Expect to pay around $100.
  11. I was told at the dealership that ALL Lexus vehicles 2007 and newer have a timing chain and not a belt. This means no $1500 bill at 90k miles!!! The salesman explained that they switched to a belt in the first place because they were quieter than chains. This new chain is insulated somehow and is nearly as quiet as a belt. He also said it was in response to a lot of Lexus customers complaining about the expensive service to replace them.
  12. I have mistaken so many 460s for the ES that it's a shame! I thought it was just me. I do love that interior on the 460. I don't like the driving position though. Seems as though I'm sitting in a lower position than my 430. I'll make a final decision by June-July. I just had the 60k service done and would like to enjoy that $500 a bit more. Thanks for the feedback.
  13. I guess I didn't even think about the Toyota issue! I saw how low the 460s were as well. That's one of the big reasons that I wanted to get one! Seeing that you are one of the "experts" on the forum, what do you like more about the 430?
  14. I've got the silver with black interior. Good points. I was thinking around $25k or so. I'm so torn between selling it and just keeping it for a couple more years. I must say, it's nice to drive a vehicle for a couple of years and still equity in it! This is one of the few brands that give you that possibity. I was thinking that this might be the "ideal" time to sell because of the age and relatively low mileage. The longer I keep it, the more I risk losing potential buyers.
  15. I'm considering selling my 2005 LS430 and upgrading to a 2008 LS460. It's silver with 62k miles. It has the Mark Levinson/nav package, park assist, heated and cooled seats, etc. It's super clean and has had all the maintenance done up to this point. What do you guys think would be a good starting point to sell it?
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