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New Rims?


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I have Gen 1 IS wheels on my Gen 1 LS400 and everyone thinks they are stock for my car! Then there are the non lexus types that think I drive a Maurader! Those wheels are sick though and they are unique. Don't get chrome. That is just a little too flashy and as a girl I think chrome looks like you are trying too hard. Just my opinion tho. :P

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The IS rims that IS400 has on her LS are quite different from the Stern rims you have in mind. The Stern spokes are much thinner and with a 40 series profile it definitely helps to have bigger crossed drilled rotors and even painted calipers. Saw a set of 20" on an older RL with 35 tires and not lowered. Looked ridiculous. All that empty space made the stock discs and calipers look like miniatures. To pull off a cool set of wheels is a finely tuned balancing act. Sometimes you can't pinpoint what's wrong but when it's right, everyone knows it.


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here are the things i have done to this car over the last 15,000 miles and 3 years

cross drilled rotors


timing belt,water pump,hoses, etc


02 sensors

knock sensors

new interior

new hood and front and rear bumper covers

h&r springs

SC rims

new fuzion tires (bridgestone)

strut tower bar

new injectors

power steering pump.rack and pinion, and hoses

this week its getting the ac system completely redone

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lmao...u can have them when i decide to replace mine, i am just getting ideas for what i want, but if u want to pay shipping u can have them for free....they all have a little curb rash but they ride nice and u cant tell unless u come right up on them

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