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  1. Duuuuude. My car just needed a 25 cent gasket for the high pressure connection behind the battery. Don't get ripped off. Recharge the system with leak detector R-134a and retrofit the system. Read up online and on this site. The old rubber o-rings are 99% the issue. One little slow leak is all it takes.
  2. Another thing to remember is that you do need to pull a vacuum on the system before you refill it for the long term. It is fine to throw a few cans of 134a in it to see if the compressor will work or not, but all the moisture needs to be removed by vacuuming for about fifteen minutes before refilling permanently. You can pay a shop to refill or buy an ac vacuum from harbor freight tools for $30. Just make sure to have an air compressor available, that is what powers the vacuum. The fittings to make it work will be under $10. If you have a friend that is even just a little mechanically inclined, you should be able to vacuum and fill the system with no trouble at all on your own. Good luck!
  3. It could also be that the system lost pressure suddenly due to a failed seal and disconnected the compressor and disabled the system. Get someone to check the refridgerant level before mentioning the failed system. If it is empty a recharge will allow the compressor to function again and then you can start looking for leaks rather than replacing a compressor that is working. Just a guess, since that is what happened to mine. A couple dollars for a seal behind the battery and I had ice cold ac again! :)
  4. Awwee nc211, you know just how to make a woman blush! :P Have a great summer sweetie.
  5. Hi Tommy, My failed wire was a black one that goes into the driver's side trunk hinge bracket. I think the best way to find it is to get inside the trunk and look at where the wire loom would have to bend when the trunk closes. Mine was pinched easily if the trunk had too much stuff in in like when I go on vacation. That last beach towel stuffed on top of the suitcases was all it took to get me locked out of my trunk in Nowhere, Ohio! :o
  6. Find an independent garage and tell them WHY you are coming to them. That you want to establish a working relationship with them and will go out of your way to make sure they get their FAIR profit in exchange for the work done PERFECTLY. Jiffy lube is a mistake. Oh god don't make me bring up what they did to my C5 'vert Corvette! They are going to take your lexus fluid and re-sell it on e-bay and put diesel oil in your tranny! :o Stay away from quicky lubes!
  7. Flush using the car's pump. Search for it on this forum. Use the good fluids and do it yourself. I'd think the power flush is just as profitable to the shop as putting nitrogen in you tires. Was the old flush they did by gravity or hand pump? If it connects to a machine, I'd say it was always a POWER flush. We highly recommend certain investments/programs at our firm too, they kick us back a lot of tax benefits when employees sign up! ;)
  8. I agree! Don't let the techs near that transmission! :o An afternoon at Jiffy lube school barely watching the video about how to change oil, but told every day to find premium services for luxury cars to boost the store's bottom line <_< , that is what you are subjecting your baby to. :( Stand there like a hawk next to that transmission if it is ever opened by someone you do not know or explicitly trust. A new transmission is worth WAY more than your car! Do the transmission fluid change yourself, through the cooler up by the radiator. Search on here for the tutorial. Good luck. :)
  9. ahh yeahh, i thought the symbol would just look cool, ya know? but overall i think it looks pretty good my self. For nearly $1,000 it better be cool! :o ;)
  10. Dude, I think I can save you a lot of cash. The hose that runs from the compressor to the condenser is very high pressure as everyone says. The neat thing is that it has a feature that most people don't know about. Take out your battery. Look behind it, near the back of the headlights. You will see two ac lines. The one that goes to the aluminum junction block, about the size of a child's fist, is the place to look for a failed o-ring. It is a little difficult to access, but if you take off the light closest to the lexus emblem and feel for the hole that the ac line goes through the headlight bulkhead, you can move the rubber/foam gasket enough to get a small socket extension in to get the ac line junction block apart. Once you do I will bet that the o-ring will show either a break or be seriously beat up. Take the o-ring to Lexus and ask for a new one. They are all silicone now due to 134a I believe, and orange in color. Save yourself from paying too much for a repair when the o-ring has to be replaced anyway with a new hose. With a cheap vacuum pump from harbor freight and an hour of your time it can be a very inexpensive repair. Mine runs ICE cold now where before it leaked the refrigerant out slowly over time and got warm just when I needed it most. Good luck! :) p.s Remember to start the car just a few moments after you reconnect the battery, or I believe the anti-theft feature will be activated.
  11. Good for you for being able to take it Jcrome. ;) Plastic is just engineering speak for a flowable substrate. Glass is flowable for sure; if you look at very old windows they are thicker at the bottom than on the top. I would bet that the 'glass' used in the 90's Lexus lenses are a polycarbonate/silica blend that yellow over time due to the oxidation of the polycarbonate filler. If you have ever been to an outside aircraft museum, the fighter plane cockpit canopies are very yellow on most. But hey, I could be wrong and the lenses are the same glass as an office window pane.
  12. The Fusion/Milan are mostly made in Mexico if that means anything to you. The auto workers around her call it Ford's foreign car line. B)
  13. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. Ughhhh!
  14. Python, Thanks for all your kind words. The fact is when someone picks a fight, you have two choices, back away and let them bully or take them to task for what they said. If the person is poking fun, then they should have thick enough skin to take being poked back even HARDER. My four brothers taught me that one... ...and meeting them tends to let guys know how they should behave around me pretty quick! Yes, it gets COLD here, but the lake I am on, Lake St. Claire is quite shallow (10-15 feet) and gets very warm in the summer. 75 degrees farenheit is normal for water temp in july and august. The great thing is that this lake changes its whole volume of water every 48 hours or so and the water is as clear as the florida keys in summer. You can snorkle over the sand flats and watch all the fishies play and get eaten by the maurading Muskies! If I hide the detroit skyline, that is 20 miles away, with my thumb, you would swear you were in Ft. Lauderdale! Have a great weekend everyone!
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