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Will These Rotor Work?


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Hi, I am in search for front and possibly rear rotors for my wife's 2002 lexus LS430.

I am been searching the net and came across these and wanted to run it through you guys to see if these will work.;utm_medium=cpc;utm_medium=cpc

Also notice the price. I sent them an email already to verify that it is both left + right.

I also cam across this one: - Aftermarket Front Brake Disc 2001-2003 Lexus LS430

PS: notice the first one is and the 2nd one...same identical rotors.

Anyways if any body knows where i can also check for prices, please let me know.


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Rotors have been talked about a lot on here. You'll find several good suggestions if you run a search for "brake rotors" or any combination there-of. But, to sum it up... Genuine OEM receive A LOT of strong recommendations, for ease of use, quiet operation, etc... buy them online, not at your local dealership, to save a lot of money.,, are just a couple places. Brembo has received A LOT of strong recommendations as well.

In terms of buying other aftermarket rotors, my only advice to you is to MAKE SURE, 110% SURE, they have the centering screw holes to mount them correctly to the hub. You do not want a rotor that simply slides over the wheel studs, like most cars have. The LS is soo smooth, because it's perfectly balanced. You throw off that balance, you'll be hopping/pounding down the road. I learned this lesson the hard way, until I realized my crap-o-carquest rotors didn't have the centering screw holes. I was pounding down the road, shook something horrible.

Also, when you do start the process, it'll serve you well to waste $5 before hand at the dealership, and buy a couple extra centering screws. You'll find that they're very soft metal, and extremely easy to strip, extrememly easy. Having a couple extra on hand, can save your butt from some serious frustration....again....learned this the hardway. :cheers:

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I agree with nc on staying with oem. With aftermarket suppliers, you

never know what quality to expect. I can guarantee you, if you get a

set that are made in China, not only will your fit be off, with the cheap

materials they use, they'll be warping in no time. Stay with oem.

Online has the best deals, just make sure the site offers oem.

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