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  1. Does anyone know where i can get an under engine cover for ls430 2002
  2. Got the Mabuchi motor yesterday and installed it. Worked like a charm.
  3. Hi Guys, So my 2002 Ls430 actuator stopped working. Short story was some crack head in NJ broke into the car last year and only store manuals....the door lock actually worked for couple days but then the motor in the actuator died. So over the weekend, I decided to go to the junk yard to see if I can get an actuator or just the motor. I DID NOT FIND one single ls430 there. I found a couple GS300/400 and decided to get one of the door latches off. The motor in this latch/actuator for that model car was the same size but the terminal where the wires connect and the shaft was totally differen
  4. cenwesi


    actuator motor for ls 430
  5. I am changing the rotor and not brake pads... i guess i should have rephrase the question a litter better. Do i need to change or drain the brake fluid to change rotors? :)
  6. thanks, I just looked at that site and have printed material on rotor for the ls400 when i use to have one. Looking at the info, it looks like for the ls400 you had to bleed the brake line just to replace the rotor??? I really hope i don't have to do this for the ls430?
  7. Hi, is there a DIY for rotor? I am in the process of changing my rotor. I figure before my rotors come in i look to see if there is any DIY out there. To my surprise, none.
  8. Hi, I am in search for front and possibly rear rotors for my wife's 2002 lexus LS430. I am been searching the net and came across these and wanted to run it through you guys to see if these will work.;utm_medium=cpc;utm_medium=cpc Also notice the price. I sent them an email already to verify that it is both left + right. I also cam across this one: - Aftermarket Front Brake Disc 2001-2003 Lexus LS430
  9. Will this DVD work on a LS430 '02? ========================= Toyota/Lexus GPS Navigation DVD for Generation 4 Map Data Version: 7.1 Part # PT219-GEN04-07 Coverage: North America PS: i currently have the Toyota Lexus Navigation DVD Gen 3 v6.1 86271-33035 464210-0750
  10. thanks, the gen 3 version 6.1 86271-33035 worked. The wife will give it a try in the morning.
  11. I have a 2002 LS430. What i want to know is 1) What generation am i ? --- I am guessing i am Gen 3 2) What Navigation DVD do i need to get to update the Maps. Will the "Toyota Lexus Navigation DVD Gen 3 v6.1 86271-33035 464210-0750" work? will the "Lexus-Toyota USA-CAN. Nav DVD Gen 4 Ver. 6.1 - 464210-0780" work?
  12. Thanks, the guy is about 28-35yrs old. I don't think he will be getting out of jail anytime soon. I just hope he has insurance and from the looks of things he might.
  13. Well guys, i was hit by a drunk driver yesterday. This is how the story goes...coming to a stop at an intersection the fool came speeding into my lane and hit me and the wifey. Then he put the car into reverse and came at me again in attempt to mount my car before speeding away...but he didn't get too far... He attempted to flee the scene with his boys but the impact of the head on collision was so great that he drove into the woods approximately .5 miles away. His boys ran off but he couldn't get too far before the cops found him crawling in the bushes. Fortunately for me and unfortunately
  14. Hi Guys, I tried starting the car the other day '02 ls430 after a long trip and it won't start. Measured the battery voltage and it was 11.xx. Ended up jumping it and it started. Warmed it up and turned it off. Measured the voltage again and it is 12.78. Started it and it started fine. I know the battery is dying and i don't want no surprise when i go out and can't start the car..... Battery is the Original one that came with the car still has the Lexus dealership tag on it. My question is this. The Wife and I have marked points for the GPS. We really don't want to loose all these addresses
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