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Cd Player Stopped Working

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Hey All, new to the forums and need some wifes cd player stopped working/reading cd's..i unplugged the wiring harness on her cd changer to see if it would reset anything..i read somewhere that unplugging the battery terminal on the car would myabe remedy the this true? if not does anybody hae any solutions that dont involve buying an OEM cd player/aftermarket deck/or taking it to the shop?

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I've had great success in the past at opening up various CD units and watching the mechanisms as they play or load/unload CD's. In most cases I've been able to track down the problem to a broken drive belt (took old one to a repair shop where they compared its length and size to replacements and sold me a new one for 4 or 5 dollars) or a ripped CD label that has stuck in the mechanism, and such. This isn't a job for everyone, but if you have patience, small screwdrivers, needle-nosed pliers, dental picks, etc., and a certain amount of mechanical/electronic knowhow you can 90% of the time see and fix an obvious problem. And if the problem isn't obvious, you're halfway to getting the unit to a repair shop or replacing it with a used/new unit. Good Luck!

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ok..what kind of repair shops would have the parts needed for a repair? are there Lexus certified shops or anything in particular that i should look for in my area? i live in the bay area and pretty much have many things accessible..any advice? would a local car audio shop be able to assist me?

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