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I have a 1992 ls400 and I need to replace the alternator because of the power steering leak. Anyone ever replaced on on a 1992 ls400?

You can go here for instructions on how to replace your alternator:


I hope it can be of some help!

Please come back and let us know how it works out for you!

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The thread makes it sound like a piece of cake. I removed mine last night on 93LS. It was quite difficult. You need to remove the cooling line holding brackets under the alternator to get clearance to let the unit come out. I removed the two mounting nuts and bolts to let the unit move then positioned it so I could get to the nut for the power terminal. I removed the power steering res. cut the P/S return hose as It was stuck and removed the Air Idle Up hoses from the valve on the P/S pump to get access to the power terminal nut. After that was done it's time to get under the car again. I flipped the unit over to expose the snap in connector. Not sure how this really comes out because mine was very brittle and broke. I can still use it though. So be very careful with this part. Next you need to push the electrical wires toward the passenger side tire. Then twist and turn the unit any way you can to try and find a way for it to come out between the wires, frame, power steering and trans lines and the cross sway bar.

I also removed my P/S pump at the same time. I've worked on cars for 30+ years and this took me around 3 hours just to get them off.

The spaces are very tight to work in. You'll need a couple of short length extensions and one long on if you chose to remove the power term. nut from above for your ratchets. I used 3/8th and 1/2in drives, and a breaker bar as the bolts are on tight. I only had 6 point sockets which are good for not stripping the bolts but limits the angles you can get. You might find 12 point sockets to work better at getting these.

Good luck

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There is no need to remove anything except the engine floor shield, I done it a few weeks ago and it's an easy job. You need to disconnect the battery earth & move a couple of small pipes to one side from underneath then the serpentine belt. Take off 14mm nut and 14mm bolt from alt. Twist the alt round and take off the wiring plug and undo the nut for the other wire. Then you can lower it through the tight gap. Simple in under an hour for a novice. If it's full of oil replace the PAS res O ring. That is done from above by removing the air intake and serpentine belt. Remove 3 small bolts under the res, that's fiddly but manageable without taking the pump off. Pull up the res and replace the O ring. It's a good idea to syphon the res and have a few rags underneath. There's no need to disconnect any pipes on the res either and no need to bleed it.

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