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Tire Replacement For '95 Ls


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Hey guys it's getting around that time again, time to replace the tires. I'm a Michelin kind of guy, and Costco has Michelins ranging in prices from $151.99 - $178.99 mounted including their warranty etc. The only other tire they carry for my car is BFGoodrich® Traction T/A® V 225/60R16 All-Season Performance for $105.99 mounted including their warranty. Normally, I'd just go for the Michelins, but as is mostly everyone else in the world, money is more scarce right now, and the BF Goodrich tires are looking more attractive. I know that BF Goodrich makes a good tire for truck applications, but I haven't heard of any opinions of them on luxury cars. So I turn to my LOC brothers and sisters for your thoughts, particularly if anyone of you has tried that particular tire. Thanks! B)

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I have BFG Traction TAs on my '95, and I love them. I had MXV4 tires on my car before these, and the TAs have been equally as smooth and quiet as the Michelins. Plus, I find the wet traction to be much better than the Michelins. I have no quality issues to mention either--no wear, balance, or other issues to report. I have 36,000 miles on my TAs, and they still have 8/32 of rubber. It's a good thing that I like them because it looks like I'm going to have them for a long while!

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$50 / tire so that would be a $200 saving. Whenever I'm doing some spending I always think about how long I took to earn the money and what garbage I had to go through while doing so. Then I spend it anyway.

I recently upgraded though I thought I had another season left in the old Dunlop P6000s (?) The traction light and accompanying thumping was getting fairly regular as it has been snowing more often here in Mississauga, Canada. I was getting so used to that my heartbeat would not go up anymore as I the car grinded and thudded to liesurely halts.

Then about 10 days ago, I encounered black ice and slid about 5 car lengths in the left turn lane. The centre island on my left and the lane of cars going strasight. It stopped a few feet behind the fron car and then it started to slide towards the car on my right. There was a woman in there looking at me as if I was doing this deliberately. You know, even an LS400 doesn't drive sideways. If I had run into her who knows how much money I would have spent on repairing dents, insurance and lost time at work.

I did not shop around just went to the nearest tire dealer. He offered Turanzas for $180 each (This is Canada) but next day service. Next tire dealer offered Michelin Primacy MXV4s for the same price installed within the hour.

I now have the Michelins and they make a huge difference. There have been 2 snowfalls since and the traction light has not come on even once. Steering is tighter, less wobble and more confidence. I feel that was $900 (we pay incredible amounts of sales tax) well spent even though that is a major dent at a time I can afford it least.

Bottom line: I applaud your doing research but if it becomes a question of safety then hurry it up!

Good luck.

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I don't think you'd have to worry about buying anything at Costco! They have an amazing return policy!!!! However I don't know if it's any different in the Auto section. I Have Michelin MXV4s as well, very nice tires. I don't have much experience with BFG but I hear the new Toyo Tourevo is supposed to be pretty awesome! but maybe that is only specifically at Les Schwab over west here... :unsure:

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