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Po117,po171,po125,po135? Help..2000rx300


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i had the codes pop up po117,po171,po125,and my range performance code i think p1135, then i had misfire codes random misfire. i changed my plugs to find i had platinum instead of iridium, then had to change a coil, i bought it in may of 07. with 130k on it. well after fixing the plugs and coil i still had the 4 codes come up. could one sensor trigger the other ones??

i have come to learn that the bank one is considered cylinder 1,3,5 and bank two is 2,4,6 side. the coil was in cylinder 5 that i had to replace.

code po171 fuel trim to lean bank 1????? fix it or try a diff. sensor

code po125 ect should i replace that one first.....??????

code po117 ect family......????

could the misfire cylinder cause gas to reach the o2 sensor bank 1 and damage it? leaving it with the fuel trim to lean code????

fixing the ect would that help with shifting if its saying the coolant temp is insufficient????

i have all the ????'s and nowhere to start. i could replace them all and be stuck with a hole in my wallet or get lucky and come out with just a rip....

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I would check that engine coolant sensor on the right side of the car near the timing belt and water outlet casting. Maybe the wire is broken or the sensor is bad. Then troubleshoot the other code. Maybe a Dirty Maf sensor or possibly a bad Oxygen sensor.

p0117 engine coolant temperature sensor circuit low input voltage.

P0125 insufficient coolant temperature for closed loop fuel control.

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